Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Heads Up!

This weekend SFCF is hosting the Affiliate Cup Throwdown. Here's the Skinny:

Where?: SFCF 610 Old Mason Street

What?: A team workout for teams of 4-6.

When?: 11:00am this Saturday.

The workout will be tough. And awesome. And perhaps less conventional than what goes on inside a CrossFit gym.

Spread the word!!



TomC said...

I will be there along with some amigos from Oakland. I have some pictures of SFCF athletes from this weekend. They're mostly shots of Angel. you happen to see yourself in the larger photo group from where those shots came and you'd like me to include you in the SF collection, just let me know. The bigger photo set is below: work and congratulations to Angel.

Tom Woodward said...

Hey Boz,
Do we have to sign up in advance? If not, I'm gonna try to rally some troops from CrossFit Marin. Hope to see you Saturday.

Tom Woodward

Kelly Starrett said...

You just need to show up.
Teams of four.


FilthyBrit said...

TomC, those pics are awesome! Thanks so much!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday.

Roop said...


- Please park in the Sports Basement Parking lot as the street beyond that point will be closed off tomorrow (We are located right behind Sports Basement).

- Please try to get there at or before 11 as we are planning on starting things up at 11:15ish (we need to make sure everyone signs in and fills out a waiver)


Corrine said...

Some of the coaches did a dry run of the workout today. It was awesomely brutal.

Also, the road will be closed past the Sports Basement. All teams should park in the Sports Basement Parking lot and walk around to the back, to the loading dock.

We hope to have the first heat start at 11 or 11:15 with subsequent heats running on the minute thereafter. Please get your team of 4 people (one woman per team is required) and sign up to get your heat number. The workout and rules will be explained when you arrive.

You all are going to love this!

Sherrill said...

Thanks for hosting the throwdown. That was definitely a workout that was lots of fun, in retrospect.

And complements for running such an efficient, trouble-free event.

Sherrill (CFO)

Sherrill said...

Edit: ^complements^compliments

TomC said...

Pictures from Saturday's competition:

Anonymous said...

I thought the blog vacation was over!!!

WhiskeySean said...

needs to stop flashing gang signs and start blogging