Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not a Gimmick

I was asked recently by a non-crossfitting friend (yes, they exist in theory) what I thought were the reasons for Crossfit's popularity and success. My response was immediate. I said, "Because, it's not a gimmick. Front-Squatting and Running isn't a gimmick."

And it's not. Marrying together Olympic sports is a hard stinking workout, and one without a ceiling or top-end.

Last night, we had nine racks simultaneously in use by teams of three. Beginners were working out next to advanced athlete and both were working at their available capacities.

A couple of nights ago, I was talking about the "not a gimmick" conversation with my good friend and pro-couch surfer Johnny Welborn. His response? "I've been training hard since high school. Add college football to ten seasons playing in the NFL and that's a lot of time. Lifting weights and running always kicks my ass. Always. That's why this stuff works, and why it always will."

Gymnastics? Not a gimmick. Check.
Olympic Weight-Lifting? Not a gimmick. Check.
Barbell Training? Not a gimmick. Check.
Running and rowing? Not a gimmick. Check.

All these elements mixed together? Gut Check.

Coach K-so-much-room-to-get-better-Star


Couch Surfer said...

Seeing the pix of SFCF always get me jacked up before I train in my gym with rubber floors and mulitple bathrooms. Takes me back to the days of being 14 yrs old training in the garage. SFCF is my mecca and a regular pilgrimage cleanses the soul and the body.

AOD said...

Sign up for this race:

Then squat #400...

Thats my plan...

Dan - CrossFit Sonoma COunty said...


Anonymous said...

Check out our boy Tuller on

Are the rest of you getting ready for the Death by Dipsea?

Jeromy said...

Question for Kelly. I'm not a member of your gym but have been watching your videos about knee pain. I was curious about your take on shoes. I wear asics to run and nike free trainers for crossfit. I think I have a bit of tendonitis going on in my knee. Wondering if shoes would help. Should I just wear my pronation correcting asics for everything or do you recomend something else for the crossfit stuff. I wear do wins to lift in. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.