Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Pull Ups. They are difficult, elusive, hard work to come by and, avoided by many as the territory of the unicorn. That is, for many, to do a pullup when you can do none falls into the realm of magical thinking.

Tonight witnessed Pam Lauper ripping off three of the pulling juggernauts in a row. Last time we checked, that's a 300% increase.

Remember Gang. Results are not linear.

Nice work Pam Black. (aka. the Lauper)

Coach K, Coach A


Bozman said...

Awesome work Pam! If you can do one, you can do ten-thousand!!!

Anonymous said...

If she could do Zero, than 3 is even more than a 300% increase. 400% at least.

Oh look, here comes Adrian with his Samurai Shtick.

Somebody better send me a t-shirt. Better yet, bring one with you to the Atlanta Cert. Lodging is on me.

BTW, for the record, I tried to name drop Crossfit on TV, but it didn't work out. Someone appolgize to Matt G. for me.

Adrian will fill you in.