Friday, November 17, 2006

Zed's Dead Baby, Zed's Dead

Imagine the scene. The golden gate bridge is lit, holding back the foggy night. Friends, gathered together, huddled in small groups, nervous laughter. Then...
Deadlift Party.

Amazing. We believe that teaching people to correctly pick heavy things up off the ground is as functional as breathing. There are many that believe that one of the absolute fastest ways to add ability and capacity to any athlete is to get them to start deadlifting. Never mind that the research shows that deadlifting has a fantastic neuro-endocrine effect on the body. Never mind that deadlift practice means strong, stable spine and hips. Lifting as much as you can off the ground is simply athletic as it gets.

Ask any of the Thursday crew. They will probably say that their deadlift has increased proportionally to their overall fitness. And it is impressive to see category ranked cyclists lift 2x their body weight. It is impressive to see marathon runners lift over their body weight. It is impressive to see men over 6'5" pull 375 off the ground.

Deadlifting your bodyweight is a base competency. 1.5x is getting strong. 2x is on your way. 2.5 - 3x bodyweight is a strong and stable human being, er, I meant crossfit.

Nice work gang.

coach K

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