Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Blog Vacation is OVER!

Thanks for your patience. To celebrate, enjoy this photo of Coach Carl.

Now on to some business. In addition to the normal SFCF Boz/Kstar blog ramblings, we are going to start posting some of the daily rehab/performance physio-therapy related emails that we receive, much like Robb Wolf does on his great site

There is a lot coming down the pipe so bare with us on this first blog back.



MAY 5, 2009: CINCO DE MAYO TACO OLYMPICS AND TACO SOCIAL: SFCF is hosting its second taco social on Cinco de Mayo (or May 5th), 2009. The event will start with the Taco Olympics at 6 p.m. followed by all-you-can-eat tacos at 7 p.m. SFCF will provide beer, margaritas,and water. $10/person. NO 7 p.m. CLASS ON MAY 5TH DURING TACO SOCIAL

JULY 25, 2009: CHASING PERFORMANCE: MOVEMENT, MOBILITY & MAINTENANCE: This one day seminar taught by our own Kelly Starrett is a performance oriented workshop for athletes and coaches wishing to develop effective mobility and flexibility strategies, improve ideal athlete positioning and movement set-up, and implement body maintenance practices.

Seminar Goals: Improve force production, increase work outputs, avoid common and preventable movement dysfunction and injury, understand how to address simple performance related myofascial issues.

You Can: Work Harder, Improve Your Fran Time, Squat More, Improve Your Overhead Capacity, Remain Injury Proof, Increase Your Volume Under the Work Capacity Curve, Solve Your Friends Pain!

TO ENROLL, JUST COPY AND PASTE THIS LINK INTO YOUR WEB BROWSER: or proceed to the "Workshops" tab in our MindBody system.

$175/Current SFCF Members; $200/General (SFCF Members: email to obtain discount code)


The norcal Crossfit Qualifiers are this weekend.
Need a ride? Post your contact info to comments.

Good luck all our SFCF athletes!



Craig Massey said...

Excellent news about the physio/rehab site!

Person said...

Somehow, on my first pass-through, I read "preventable movement dysfunction and injury" as "preventable dysentery." And I just thought, "Good ol' SFCF."

Melliefarrell said...

Good luck all!! Go ANGEL, kick some ass!!

Unknown said...

Dear SFCF Members, Fans and Drop in Guests,

I am on a quest to get San Francisco Crossfit named the best fitness gym in SF for 2009. Please help by casting your vote at and convincing others to do the same. If you're a current member, or ever visited our gym from another Crossfit, or read our blog it's pretty clear that we are the best fitness gym in SF. The experience and skills of our coaching staff is unparalleled. (Seriously Carl can fly!) Our location is unmatched in its beauty. The athletes are inspiring.

Please go to

Sign up. Vote #115 "San Francisco Crossfit"


There was a rumor about having to vote for 10 things to get your vote to count but I think that is just to be entered into a drawing of some sort. But just in case, vote for 10 things.

Thanks so much for voting. Please get at least 5 buddies to vote too.

Zach Singer said...

Always good to see a blog update at SFCF. always a lot to learn from Boz and Star on here.

Beyond, that, just wanted to wish everyone good luck at the NorCal Qualifiers this weekend. So good luck from NYC everyone -- go kick ass and represent at the Quals.


Zach - CFNYC / The Black Box

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to the Qualifiers on Sunday, if anyone has room in their vehicle please give me a call @ (415)244-1970. Thanks & Good Luck to the team! Noel (I train with Coach Carl)

Person said...

Good luck everyone!! Do well and, more importantly, have fun. I'm confident on both points. I'll be monitoring the results here in the 671.

Roop said...


I have room in my ride, give me call and we can try to coordinate. We plan on leaving at 7am Sunday morning.


Anonymous said...

I'm heading from the Outer Richmond to pick up Noel at Bush/Stockton. I have room for 1-2 more, if anyone is on the route.

Call/txt me to set up a pickup.


Anonymous said...

Hey Corrine...can we vote on this every day or is it a one-time deal? You guys all looked great today at the Nor-Cal Qualifiers. I know your coaches are proud.

Justin Cascarina (J-Bird)

Unknown said...

I think it's a one time vote. So get all your Redding Crossfitters to vote too. We want to win this thing!

Congrats to your girl making it to the final on Sunday. Her muscle ups were impressive.

Volo lowcost said...

Good luck you all!!

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