Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Things I Am Into (thanks Dan)

This is a post about Things I am Into.
No order. No reason. Just the truth.

1. If your gym is more beautiful than this, it's cool. You are dead and in heaven.

2. This is James. He's a professional badass ballet star. That's 305.

3. Red Stripe, Bacon, Potato Chips.

4. This is Ethan Kochis. He is so humble and badass that he will be embarrassed by this video. Effit, I love PR's.

5. I saw and bought this poster at Ed Hardy's place Tatoo City SF. If running were really like this,
running would be cool.

6. This is a 200kg box squat. But who cares, because my neck is sooo red I look like Hell Boy.
I match my 25kg bumbers. Do you? That's cool.

7. Snatch-Grip width Chins (palms toward you). Try it. You suck at it.
In fact your chins are sissy compared to your pull ups. Truth. I said it.

8. Basic Gymnastics. Super basic. It's not even really gymnastics. It's pre-gymnastics.
It's really, really hard and solves a bunch of your crap. Note elbows out past wrists.
I heart Carl.

Coach K-DanSilverwannaBe-Star


Corrine said...

Best Blog post ever. I heart SFCF. Like more than puppies!


Matt said...

James is a badass.

Anonymous said...

Great post, who is Dan Silver?

Amber said...

Makes you want to wander out west and get adopted by SFCF. That beach shot is killer.

Anonymous said...

Its like Xmas everyday at SFCF. We may have a massive migration to our eutopia after this post.


LauraR said...

Nice, K-Star! As Dan is my witness, I will visit SFCF, someday!

Pat Griffin said...

I love our affiliate. That is all.

DannyNoonan said...

It is one of the best.

FilthyBrit said...

I think this best describes how I feel every time I enter the gates of SFCF.

Ian Kellogg said...

Great post.

Also Pon is the man!

BMacK said...

1. Running is that cool, you'll get it when you finish the quad dingdong!
2. I second everything else, even the I heart Carl. I'm weak sauce gymnastics.
3. have to agree with Corrine. Best BLOG post ever.


Anonymous said...

How I love the beach workouts! I heart SFCF


Anonymous said...

This is a great post. Got me laughing a few times too!!

Gracewanderer said...

What is the lift that James is doing? Also I secretly want to be a ballet star.

Jeremy @ Diablo CrossFit said...

I (heart) Dan S.

My man crush for him might even extend beyond my MC for Mike Rowe. . .