Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What It Takes

This weekend past, SFCF sent a team to compete in the Crossfit Southwest Region Qualifier. There are several qualifiers going on like this on across the country in the lead up to the 2010 Crossfit Games, but none will be as large or have as fierce competition.
There is something special about competing against California. Maybe it's because Crossfit was born in this state that there are so many excellent gyms, coaches, and athletes around. Either way, the Southwest Regional was larger than the entire Crossfit Games last year. And, everyone was better prepared.

Including us.
As you may already know, Team SFCF was able to pull out an incredible win over some really excellent teams.
In fact, no other team was able to be as consistent across as many varied workouts as SFCF. In a scoring system where lowest points wins, SF had half as many points as second place, and a full quarter of the points for third.

There ended up being 76 teams competing for one of eight births to the games. The quick math yields 456 athletes competing for the bragging rights of being the best affiliate team in the region.

Driving home with the "Trophy" on our dash (see below), I started to think about what it really took to have six amazing athletes out-exercise everyone in the region.

To be frank, it takes a fair bit of luck. No not because the workouts favored us (there were no barbells to be seen) but we were certainly lucky that we were good at the ones that came up (as anything could come up). And it wasn't the other 76 teams there weren't on their A-game, because they decidedly were.

No, I think it takes luck to "happen" to get six terrific athletes together at a parking lot canopy gym.
It takes even more luck to have an incredible coaching staff that is obsessed.
Finally, it takes freakish good fortune to have a community of training partners that show up day in and day out literally for years.

In fact, it's impossible to create. It just happens. That's what makes it so special.

Corrine, Damian, JD, Catherine, Juliet, and Angel.
The SFCF Impossible Six.

Coach K-the-bob-roll-of-fitness-color-commentary-star


Hollis said...

GREAT WORK! It was great fun to watch you guys and gals over the weekend. A true testament to CrossFit and what is possible.

Anonymous said...

Im so proud of our team. You all have gravel in your guts! Team SFCF has an amazing mix of strength, enduarnce, and the ability to not take themselves too seriously. Stoked that the super six are repping the 415 at the games. Let the Tshirt designs commence!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again to Angel, Juliet, Catherine, JD and Corine for being incredible team mates. Thanks to all the SFCF coaches who got us here.

Thanks to the 6AM work out crew for being excellent training partners.

It was a great day and an incredible experience and I am ready for train hard for the games.


J.D. said...

Thanks to all my teamates but also to echo kstar, our gym and its members! Its always a great place to be weather its a sunny open gym day or a tuesday doing burpees in the rain. People always show up to work out HARD and with a good friendly attitude. You are always being pushed and always being coached. Big huge thank you to everyone involved at sfcf. Lets hope we stay lucky for another couple of months...

SA said...

Well done guys.

Mike Minium said...

Congrats to our sister gym across the bridge! You definitely earned the W.

It was great sharing a tent with you guys. Let's do it again in July!

-- Mini

Anonymous said...

Amazing work SFCF! Can't wait to see how you all do at the games.

-Sarah Compton

Anonymous said...

Congratulations SF CROSSFIT!

You've done the parking lot proud!


Kaitlin said...

Excellent Job J.D., Juliet, Corrine, Damian, Catherine, and Angel.
KStar-- luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. So yeah it does take a fair bit of luck.

Olivia said...

CONGRATS TEAM SFCF!!!!! Can't wait to cheer for you guys at the Games!!!

- Olivia from CFSC

Jack Ehlers said...

Great to see all you in fine form at the qualifiers. As expected!

Jack Ehlers