Sunday, June 27, 2010

Change Everything? Easy. But not simple....

Have we got your attention? Yeah, we just finished our FIRST Spring Leaning challenge. Now a little confession and some background.
I was not into this. Yeah Yeah, my doctoral work was on adherence, and
barriers to adherence. So what.
The conversation with my wife (the ripped one in the family with the yoked abs) as I remember it.

A "photo transformation challenge?" I said to my wife Juliet.
"Doode, that's so weak sauce. Besides we talk about nutrition all the time. Doesn't everyone eat like my daughters?"
"Nope, most of our athletes probably don't eat breakfast...much less know how much they eat during the course of the day."
"Yep. The only precondition of this contest that I will run (Juliet wife voice), is that everyone has to log their food. They can eat paleo/zone/nutrisystem/jennycriag for all I care. They just need to be accountable."
"All right." (with arrogant resignation)
"Dewd, It's YOU Kelly, that is always saying that nutrition is the gateway to greatness, and that abs are made in the kitchen..."

I do say that. And Juliet was dead right. Our athletes needed: A formal, public way to track food and be accountable. And, another food lecture about quantity, and quality.

And we did just that. Josh made about $850 bucks by the way. He split the pot with...

Oh snap! Meet Dr.DR. aka. Ellen Krasik, PhD/MD and now fantasy Pathologist at UCSF and $850 bucks the richer.
It turns out eating brown foods, and lots of Diet Pepsi doesn't support Div 1 soccer,brainy, super badness. She literally saves lives. She's the one in the lab making the weird CSI medical saves. Now she even LOOKS like a super hero.

Do it at your gym.
It's easy. Just take the most badass, hard working, motivated people you know. Hint, they are your training partners in your gym. Give them a template for what good eating looks like. You know, what kinds of foods are actually "food", when, and how much, etc. It's all out there on a website called, Crossfit. And then?

Make it a contest. You should see the radness at our gym. Insane.
And who cares if you go faster, which you will and is the only really good reason to do anything hard.
But you will, and you will look awesomer too.

It's almost like this sh*t works.
My wife being right I mean.


Ps. Here is my passive aggressive way of saying my wife was right, and I was wrong.
She's the hot mom on the right, the girl on the left (Catherine Gravelle) is my sister. Catherine is an all american Ball player.
Recently at the alumni reunion game, all the girls asked her how they could look like she does... And Juliet aka, Whiskey?
She's just a world champion mother of two. You like apples?




Hollis said...

Great pics.

And nice revamping of the site!

Anonymous said...

So they envoked a proper healthy lifestyle diet, but how do you get that physique changing tan?

- Pale Irish Crossfitting Bloke

Adam & Cheryl said...

We're blown away! Absolutely incredible work. I think we've got some work to do.

Anonymous said...

i've been inspired. Thanks. Almost three months of bad eating and very little CF equals feeling like poo. Leaning out and getting healthy here I come. Fuck legumes, sugar, and grains!

twinkle (ashamed of falling of the wagon) toes

John Hill Gardner III said...

congrats josh and ellen on winning, you guys look great!

-John G

The Randolphs said...

Congrats! Great work!! I have a few questions...what was the time duration between the before and after photos? Strict Paleo? Training- how often? Just want to know the secret to the amazing abs! ;o)
No really, I teach the nutrition class at our CF and would like to refer the class to your photos, but would like a little more info on how the winner got to where they are. Inspiring and thanks so much for sharing!

JStarr said...

The challenge was 12 weeks long and to give credit where credit is due, it was modeled entirely after the Spring Leaning challenge done at Crossfit Seattle. In retrospect, an 8 week challenge would have been better. We recommended that folks follow a Zone or Paleo diet but the only real rule was that they had to log everything they ate and drank in our online food log program. So, even though we recommended Zone and/or Paleo and I think that's what most people followed, people could have really followed whatever leaning plan they wanted.