Monday, November 29, 2010

SFCF Represents Again at the Quad Dipsea!

This past Saturday, November 27, 2010, SFCF was represented by 6 athletes who ran the Quadruple Dipsea (from Mill Valley to Stinson: 28.4 miles, 18,552 feet of elevation change) and all 6 finished! Four athletes were repeats from last year (Mike Megrian, Robert Tuller, Pon Somnhot, and Josiah Bunting) and there were 2 virgins (Chris Knievel and Kenso Kagawa). This was Coach Tuller's 8th finish in this event.
In the photo from left to right are:
Mike Megrian, Chris Knievel, Robert Tuller, Pon Somnhot, and Josiah Bunting; missing: Kenzo Kagawa (all finishers). Congrats to all of you!


Pon S. said...

What an experience! Can't wait for next year's sadistic turkey trot! PR PR PR!

Tuller said...

A big Thank You needs to go out to Aneel and Steve for pacing virgin Quad competitor Kenzo to his first time finish! They demonstrated true SFCF Esprit de Corps.