Monday, September 25, 2006

New Toys, Fresh Meat

As promised, the daily update! Kelly and I have made a renewed commitment to keep this blog wheel turning.

Big Thanks to Aaron for spying some tires for us. We broke 'em in this morning and followed up with a quick Fran.

Ghost B during the 'christening'

Aneel, Franin' it up

We've also had a few fresh bodies stop by the AM crew lately, Barb on Friday and Steven today. Welcome both of you!!

Also wanted to introduce a not-so-new-comer to our SFCF family. Marty (pictured below after a slightly modified Helen) has been working with Adrian for about 7 weeks now...he keeps threatening to make it out to a class someday soon, so keep an eye out for him. That's it for now, see you all later in the week.


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