Friday, October 06, 2006


Hey all,

I just got an email from Piera Damonte, one of the team 6 old guard, that I thought you guys might enjoy:

"In early September, I went for a short backpacking trip and decided to put my legs to the test by loading my pack as heavy as I could, even to the point of carrying almost exclusively canned foods - enough to feed myself and my 2 packmates for 3 days and more. Even though none of us could hardly lift the pack, once I got it on, we marched over New Army Pass (at 12,000+ft.) confidently, passing 2 groups en route. Was I sore the next day? Or at all, ever, over those 4 days? No. After I got back from that, I had 1 day's rest and I then got on a plane bound for Colorado and was the #5 runner for the Penguins running team for the Outward Bound Relay (trans-Rockies relay race)- brutal runs, again, at elevation, with some substantial elevation gains and losses. I ran a total of 3 legs for 18+ miles even though I hadn't been running hardly at all since June. Was I ever sore? No. Stiff? No. Normally I would be! On my last 6 mile leg I even busted out some pushups before taking off (see pic) and sprinted the first and last 1/4 miles. Insane. It really is astounding. More and (much) bigger adventures to come. Thanks for all of your help..."

Nice work Piera! Hope to see you back soon.

Stay Strong,

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John Rippon said...

Just dropped in to say thanks to all for the friendly welcome last Saturday morning. It was great to meet you all and to be able to spend a little time trying some of the Crossfit training style. A welcome change from being couped up in coaches and hotels while taking in some of the USA scenery on our brief visit to the USA. A little frustrating that injury prevented me from doing any of the pressing exercises but pleased to see I could still crank out a fair 500m on the Concept 2 erg.

Best wishes to all!

John Rippon, Lower Hutt
New Zealand.