Thursday, October 19, 2006

Who Knows Squat?

We do. Everyday we know squat in some form or another.

The overhead squat is certainly one of the most challenging movements we do, but rarely is leg strength a limiting factor. The problem is transferring the power of the hip and leg into an object so far removed from that 'drive'. The answer? Un-yielding core integrity (and a healthy dose of shoulder girdle flexibility). Oh and of course a rock solid free-squat...clean up your free standing squat and your overhead squat will all starts at the ground up. Know Squat.

The closer you can get your free-standing squat to the diagram (hip and spine neutral, hip crease low, vertical travel path) the easier and more powerful all of your squatting will become.

Have fun and make sure you introduce yourselves to all the great new people that have been coming out lately.

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