Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Got To Get up to Get Down

So, the Olympic lifts can seem a little daunting, but proficient technique is not that complicated. The Medicine Ball Cleans we've been doing are a prime example of how to 'suck' yourself under a weight once you've created upward momentum. With you moving in one direction (down) and the object moving in another (up), the object will be virtually weightless, relative to you, for a split second. This is really the goal behind cleaning or snatching any object. To Recap:

1)Create force to get object moving up. (The jumping motion of the clean)
2)Once the object is moving up, move YOURSELF down to create weightlessness.
3)Squat that heavy thang back up!

Try it with various odd objects you have around and see if you can get them all to 'feel' relatively similar.

We also saw the return of Adam tonight! Welcome home, Adam!

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