Thursday, February 01, 2007


The idea of the graduated warm-up allows one to experience, or practice, multiple skills in a condensed period of time.

The group performed this simple graduated warm-up on Wednesday night:

Squat----------->Lunge----------->Pistol Or Box Jump
Pushup---------->Dip------------->Handstand Pushup
Back Ext.------->GH Raise-------->Swing Or Dumbell Snatch
Pullup (Dead)--->Pullup (Kip)---->Muscle up or Fat Pullup Practice

The idea is to run down the first column, which are all relatively basic exercises, then proceed to the 2nd and 3rd columns. The second and third groupings increase the complexity of the basic movement and add a degree of variation and practice that may not otherwise be present.

Next time you're warming up, see if you can take a basic movement and make it more complex as you get warmer. Almost any 'basic' works. Let's look at jumping rope:

Jump Rope------>Double Unders------>CrossOver

How about Dumbell Deadlifts:

Dumbell Deadlift------------->DB Swing--------->DB Snatch

Try it! You'll get a little bit of practice on things we might not be focusing on for the day. In the big picture, that little practice adds up to familiarity with many movements, which leads you to physical dominance!


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