Friday, August 03, 2007

Beware the Little Coach.

Lately it seems there's a new sheriff in town. Note the small coach in black in these photos. Adrian and I have both noticed of late that our athletes tend to "give" a little more when the "G" is co-coaching. You musn't show weakness in front of the "small coach".

Note the additional intensity on Juliet's face. No way is she going tap out before the little coach.

Eyes on. You'd better believe that when the G gives a demo, you'd better pay attention. (who's that guy on the squat rack?)

Note the height of Hellinor's pull up. It could just be the Hawthorne effect. No cheating when the little coach is watching!

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Robin said...

I just love your post "beware the little coach". We have a little girl who will be one year old next week and I can imagine her as "the little coach". We are also impressed with how you work out of a storage container. Wouldn't work for us because of our long, cold winters.
Robin Maier
CrossFit Regina