Monday, January 26, 2009

Cast Your Vote!

The public has spoken! Here are the fine-folks that have been nominated to represent us in the CrossFit games this July:

In no particular order:

Aaron (Dial)
Matt T.
Michael (FilthyBrit)

Catherine G.

Voting will be open until Sunday the 8th of February. A ballot box will be down at SFCF along with ballots containing the names of all the nominees. To vote, write you name on a ballot, circle the 3 men and 3 women you would like to represent us and place your ballot in the box. Only one vote each (hence the names on the ballots)!

In other news, give a pat on the back to Sean the next time you see him. Sean recently attended a CrossFit Level 1 seminar and survived to tell the tale! Part-time SFCF member Ben (who visited us over the holidays) was also in attendance. Nice job fellas!

Also in other news, Catherine competed in her first Weightlifting competition on Sunday January 18th. She placed 6th with a total of 114kg after deciding to compete about a week prior to the competition. Awesome!!



Jack said...

Great crew for the games. Go after "O".

Kathy said...

Great job everyone who was nominated!
Congrats Sean!!!
And Congratulations Catherine!

Anonymous said...


You would be on that list if you were still in town.


meg said...

and in voting, we vote for who would best represent sfcf in mind AND body? or who's going to totally wreck the competition?

Melliefarrell said...

Hey Catherine, I went to the Bad Girls Open and got some good video of Catherine's lifts. Let me know if you want them to put up on the blog

Adrian said...


Jack was nominated, but he' not in town ;)


That's up to you and your vote...


Adrian said...


If Catherine's cool with it, I would love to put up the vid! If C gives us the ok can you send them to me (adrian AT


Catherine said...


You have my permission to send the video to Adrian. Thanks for taking it! The competetion was so much fun and I can't wait for the next one.
If you could also send them to me at that would be great as well.


Anonymous said...

Wish I could vote for my favorites either way though i know you guys will do great.

Chad-making do with two kettlebells and a jumprope in Alaska-Corey

FilthyBrit said...

My God! The ballot for the women is really stacked! I look down that list and can't think of any combination that wouldn’t be a force to be reckoned with. This is going to be good...

Anonymous said...

These nominations are like the dream team of 92'. We should do an academy award type night where the winners are announced and they have to act suprised and say they didnt have a speech ready because they didnt expect to win. Then if they talk toooooo long we can start playing the wrap it up music. KStar can be MC and there will be an after party. Red carpet optional. Either way this is a list of some great crossfitters and more importantly some great people.


Nick Hanson said...

As someone who didn't have a pullup when I came to SFCF 15 months ago I am humbled to even be nominated (not that I didn't really want it). Anyway congrats to all of us that were nominated and no matter who gets chosen I know SFCF will kick some team ass in the games.

BTW I am going to use this forum plug my new blog a bit. Check it out, let me know what you think.


FilthyBrit said...

Can I design the team t-shirts?

Nick said...

Yes, you can, but I believe the picture must have a unicorn!

FilthyBrit said...

Sweet. Not a problem.

Off topic, but this is without a doubt the coolest thing I have ever seen.

Jack said...

Damian and Adran, I'll definitely be rooting for the team that's there. You'll do great.

Damian--I also tried to send you an email to account but it didn't go through. Update?

Ryan Romero said...

I vote for my buddy PON!!! I'm in Jersey so I can't vote there, but I figured I'd try and vote from here!

Anonymous said...


sorry for the e-mail issues. My address is

Let me know if this one does not work.