Monday, January 12, 2009

...To the Future!

(Above: Friday's Death-By-Diane)'s been almost two weeks. Right about now the regular gyms are seeing their attendance drop back to normal. At this point, the habit has most likely been set, or been broken.

...but you don't have that problem. If you're reading this, you are probably pretty set in your daily fix, (read: exercise habit) so case closed, right? Not necessarily.

We all have some aspect of our physical nature that we would like to improve. If you don't, well, kudos to you Zen-Master. We all know the things we suck at. Now's the time to start addressing these points of potential improvement head on. What feels better than knowing you've gotten better? And what areas have the most potential to get better? (Hint: The Things You Suck At)

Now there should be some thinking outside the box here. Sure you should stretch your hammies more, but what else? Maybe this is the year you master the snatch (zing!). Perhaps taking up, or getting back into, a sport is something you've been considering. The possibility may exist that you'd like to develop some superior body-control a la Coach Carl. Think about it...

I'll start. I'm going to get back in the habit of developing/maintaining some of my acrobatic skills. I'd also like to start playing squash again every once-in-a-while. I currently suck at doing anything outside of a structured workout.

Post 09' Physical goals to comments.

(Notorious P goes for speed this morning. Must be ze zpeed shoes.)

-Adrian 'used-to-play-squash-every-damn-day' Bozman

PS only one week left to nominate your fellow SFCFers to represent you at the CF games this summer. Email me: adrian AT


Nick said...

There are a couple of things I am looking for this year. 1xbw press, 1.5x bw back squat and a 2x bw deadlift as part of a crossfit total.

Other things that I would like to do more of include getting back to running a little bit. Adding some hiking back into my life and also just having fun outside. I would also love to finally tackle the body manipulation skills. Maybe I will buy coach somner's book to start.

Person said...

One-arm pull-up, or at least wicked controlled negatives en route to the OAPU. This will make me extra unbeatable at arm-wrestling.

Anonymous said...

15 x OHS at Body weight
225 Clean and Jerk
2 x bw Back Squat
2.5 x bw Deadlift

Freestanding Handstand push up
Freestanding planche push up

More hiking and more yoga.


Matt said...

I want to be able to throw a handful of rice into the air and jump up and catch all the rice with chopsticks before any of it hits the ground. I want elbows that growl, all day, and when I run I want the rubber of the shoes I wear to be melting. I want to make my own cheese so I can receive the very lucrative government subsidies for cheese produced in the United States. You see, the government buys excess cheese and stores it in warehouses until it goes bad. Lastly, I want to find those warehouses to save the cheese.

Melliefarrell said...

Eliminate my innate fear to get under the bar for O-lifting!

Enter a lifting competition before the end of 2009

Get my DL to 300lb
Back squat to 200lb+

Anonymous said...

One cock push up. 'Cause that is all you need.

Oh, and lots of skiing after two years off.


Anonymous said...

I!!! I resolve to finish as Rx'd and to do pistols! (I do have 12 months, right?)...that was my goal when I started. And, like an old car, I want to repair my body and get rid of the bad carbs.

James F.

Anonymous said...

Simply, I'm going to make kipping pullups my bi-atch :)

Anonymous said...

Goals for this year are to be able to complete King Kong. Im getting a rower in February so im looking for a 1:25 500m row, and a 3 minute 1000m row, a 7 minute 2k, and to just become someone you dont wanna compete with on an erg. Other goals would be snatch 175, OHS bodyweight plus 50 pounds, and show up and bust ass leaving nothing left in the tank at the qualifiers. I encourage everyone to come to qualifiers and give everything you have. Its an amazing way to spend your weekend.


Anonymous said...

Matt, we share similar cheese making goals. I want to double my cheese sales this year. Business is booming so far so i don't think that is an unrealistic goal. (I own a cheese shop in case you didn't know)

And, I want to do a muscle-up.

Sarah Pepper

Unknown said...

Don't forget to vote for your affiliate team. Nominate up to 6 people (at least 2 women and 2 men) with alternates.

This is serious business! Pick wisely and keep in mind who may compete in the games!

FilthyBrit said...

For those of you who are battling colds right now, here's an NYT article on training while sick. (I created a Google doc of the article, for those who don't have NYT online membership.)

Matt said...


Which store? Are there crossfit cheese discounts?


Anonymous said...

Dear Lucas,

The New Year's Nazi

Alex said...

I left Jiu Jitsu a year ago (for a really stupid reason) while my friends continued to learn and thrive and get their own school. Now, instead of being up there with them getting promoted and refining their skills, I was on the side....taking their pictures....

Not anymore