Monday, January 05, 2009


The New Year is here! There are always a host of activities that accompany this time of year, so lend an ear and you might find something you are looking for:

#1) The Bad-Girls Open Weightlifting Competition , Jan. 18th.

If you're a lady and you've ever had the slightest thought about entering a weightlifting competition, this is the event for you! It was designed to offer a casual-competitive environment for women new to the sport. Click the link for more info. (I was a little late posting this, but you should still be able to register if you contact the folks on the link).

#2) Freddy C's Fish-Game tournament at CrossFit One World in Union City, Jan. 31st.

The fish game is found in the 'games' section of the C2 rower display. It's simple. You pull harder and the fish rises to the surface. You slack off and the fish sinks to the bottom. You have to dodge the big fish and eat the little fish. Last time around, this was a good time: A title was on the line, a new champion crowned, and many beers were consumed. Freddy's gym has a great community and I would highly suggest taking a trip over!

3) The CrossFit Games!, July 10-12th.

If you are the competitive type, this is the event for you! There are only 5 slots available from our region to go to the games this year. Qualifiers will be held in Aromas, CA (just south of Gilroy) in May.

We will be sending a team for the affiliate challenge this year as well. The team will be elected by you! The team does not have go through any qualification process to compete, so we are leaving it in your capable hands. Teams of 6 will be competing in the games, with 4 people actively involved in any given workout (there will be several over the course of the weekend). We must have at least 2 women on the team and we will not be sending any SFCF open-class-coaches.

What we need from you is nominations. Email me (adrian AT, or give a piece of paper with your nominations to your coach now until Sunday the 18th. Once we have all the nominees compiled, we will have a vote. The 6 people with the most votes will represent SFCF in glorious battle this summer!

This could be you, but in the dust with your team-mates during the Africa-hot weather of the summer repping for SF!!

#4) Have you seen Diane's new dog yet? Aaaahhhaaahhhhhh!!!

Adrian "Social-Coordinator" Bozman


Melliefarrell said...

The Bad-Girls Open Weightlifting Competition , Jan. 18th.....I'm going!

Anonymous said...

The Bad-Girls Open would've been awesome to check out! Alas, I'm down in Huntington Beach that weekend. Bummer.

Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

Diane, that is the such a cute dog! whats his/her name?