Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Finisher Part 2

Recall the Original...

Now let's talk about application to the individual.

In Powerlifting, it is not uncommon to hear a coach remark to one of his athletes that "you've got a 500lb ass, but 300lb hammies", or something similar. Far from being a tactic to rile the ire of a lifter before smashing some weight, these types of remarks are simply coarse reminders that the lifter's weak spots are holding them back from their potential; they are only as capable as the weakest link in the chain.

The same can be said of your general physical preparation.

Once you've established your weaknesses, the finisher can be an excellent time to continue to work on these areas of difficulty. The ideas you formulate do not have to be exact here. The doing is what's important.

Say, you have a weak upper body? Time to break out the deadhang/weighted pullups or some sort of press. A few bouts of feet-free rope climbs are great too.

Not enough wind in the sails? Rally for one or two short sprints after your workout or one mid-distance sprint (think 500m Row or 400m Run).

Worried you're not as explosive as you'd like to be? A few sprint-starts or max vert/broad jumps oughtta help out.

Pick one or two of the things you need attention on and add an appropriate finisher for a few weeks. When progress starts to falter with your given exercise, change it just enough so you can continue to move forward, but so much that it becomes something completely different. Soon enough you'll have full access to that 500lb ass.

-Adrian "Weaknesses?-I-had-weaknesses..." Bozman


Ross Naughton said...

Sickest picture of Dave ever.

"Soon enough you'll have full access to that 500lb ass." Adrian, come on. There's uncouth, and then there's awesome. I henceforth demand access to that 500lb ass.

Brendon Mahoney said...

Adrian, when trying to build max strength (such as squats), would you recommend heavy squats be performed at the end of a WOD like the finisher or a Ripptoe type shedule before the workout is started for best results.

Great meeting you yesterday dude! Looking forward to working out sometime soon.


Pat Griffin said...

Agreed, that's a seriously bad-ass picture of Dave. The photo looks like it's been taken in night vision, like he's a Navy SEAL training in pitch-black darkness. Or something equally hardcore.

FilthyBrit said...

Off topic, I know, but I felt Lucas would prefer to know this as soon as possible. Today is especially delicious.

"It's Better To Drink Beer After Exercise Than Water"

Anonymous said...

Sick Post. I may have to start picking something and doing it post WOD now. A different thing after each wod. Michael....a Guiness post WOD sounds delicious. Welcome to the big leagues


J.D. said...


I am sure boz will weigh in on this eventually, but i am going to venture to say the answer is yes... if that makes any sense. The squat does not discriminate. I would squat before a wod for a period (2-4 weeks) and then change it up. While your weight in your sets may be lower after a wod you are still doing the work and a fresh 1RM will likely reflect that. What i think would be ideal is two different workouts completely where you would squat two hours plus on either side of your wod. Now that is in an ideal world. Also consider your programming, heavy is great but have a purpose and change your programs. 5x5 is great, but so is 7x2, as is the 21 rep squat progression, and of course don't forget the brutal "russian squat program". oh yeah... bands, chains, boxes, pauses...There is a lot out there just keep going heavy and keep changing it up.


Anonymous said...


As your attorney and a medical expert, my advice to you is "POW! POW, POW!"

Dale Doback, JD, MD, CPA, Ph.D, STD
Prestige Worldwide

Anonymous said...

Prestige Worldwide....I will follwo you into the mists of the Big Leagues if thats what you mean....and here is my promise..........ILL NEVER DIE!

Brendan Huff...singer extraordinare

Matt Solomon said...

4 posts in 8 days! Awesome, thanks Boz and Kstar.

I've been doing finishers since that first article. I like to use them for random exercises that rarely make it into WODs. Max broad jump/box jump. 1-arm barbell DL/clean and jerks/TGU/OHS (light weights). Lsits, max holds on pullup bar, whatever.

adrian said...


For best strength results, I would do your squats 1st. But what JD said is good too.


David B. said...

Boz, I've been finishing off w/ 100 burpees for time after my slow lift days. Is this too much? I suck at burpees that is why I do it.


Adrian said...


Short answer: yes.

Burpees to excess are always a bad idea. Seriously. Ask anyone who's done a 100 burpee challenge (one more every day until you get to 100): the usual response that I've heard at the end is "my body feels like shit and I'm not much better at doing burpees".

I don't get why people focus so much on the damn things. Yes they are hard, but that's the point. Maybe finish with a minute of burpees all out?


Grant said...

Adrian just hates burpees cause they're the suck. I'm just kidding. But seriously...

Adrian, would you consider the 500lb ass, 300lb hammies a good pick up line for the ladies?

Paul said...

Adrian, here's my $0.02 on the burpees:

I just finished the 100 day burpee challenge. I broke my daily sets (after reaching half-way or so) into sets of 20, 30 or 40, with the day's total spread over a quarter-hour to an hour. I did see some pretty evident gains in quality of burpees, probably because I concentrated on good technique for every rep (but only after Widman told me to!). The gain in quality of each burpee was more than the gain in how many I could do without stopping. So in come ways, I'm better at burpees, but in some ways not.

I think I'm stronger after the 100 days...I noticed some changes in definition and size, mainly in the chest and abs (which makes sense due to the number of correct push-ups and springing up from a plank position to a deep squat with heels on the deck).

There were days that WOD plus burpees made for a serious suckfest. On the days I missed a WOD or had a rest day, I still did the burpees, which sucked because there wasn't any real rest. I missed some days, so the make-up burpees on the next day really sucked, and factoring in a WOD hella sucked.

So, what's my point? I don't think the 100 day challenge is burpees to excess if you do them correctly and break them down like I did. Because of the challenge, I think I'm better at burpees. I think I'm stronger physically. I think I'm stronger mentally. For those reasons, I'd do it again.

Maybe that was a little more than $0.02?

Smarry said...

Off topic, I know, but I felt Lucas would prefer to know this as soon as possible. Today is especially delicious.

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Addiction said...

Wow hardcore! I work out at the drug rehab I work at.

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