Tuesday, February 17, 2009



1)The act of getting one last-blast before calling it a day.
2)A dedicated practice time after the bulk of the work has been done.

The art of the finisher:

#1)Blast through the 'main-course' of your workout.

#2)Pick a category of movement you did not address in the main-course (Weightlifting/Gymnastics/Monostructural activities). Or simply select a movement/pattern or two that were not expressed earlier.

#3)Recover from the main course and hit that shit hard!

Things not to do:

#1)Hold back on your main workout anticipating the finisher.

#2)Hammer the same movements that you just did in the workout.

#3)Over-reaching or creating a 2nd workout with your finisher. Making the finisher just a longer extension of the main workout isn't effective either.

Examples of a fine finish:

#1)A few sets alternating of weighted back extensions and L-sits.

#2)A few sets alternating of Handstand holding and deadhang pullups.

#3)One set of one of the following: Max Pushups/Dips/Pistols/HSPU/Muscle-Up etc.

#4)On heavy days, a back-off set after your work sets with about 60-75% of your effort with flawless technique.

#5)One all-out 400m run, or two-all out 100m runs (one there, one back).

#6)Best box/broad jump.

Now go-forth and be beast!

-Adrian "Goes-down-smooth" Bozman

PS I'm working on the first 'earned' SFCF shirt...It will be awarded to those that can conquer the coffin...details to follow.


Anonymous said...

What about a t-shirt that says..."the coffin made me its bitch".


Adrian said...

...written in your shin-blood? All we'd have to do is make a stencil!


Anonymous said...

I have a point of contention! A "coffin" by definition is "anthropoidal" in shape. Our coffin is rectangular, with a picture on an anthropoid painted on top. I specialize in this kind of stuff, so trust me. Regardless, how high and how many times do I have to jump??? And, how long do I have to do it?

PS: If you need guidance on further death, funeral, or death investigation issues, see me at SFCF.

Your getting in shape death investigator - James F.

Arvind said...

"Hold back on your main workout anticipating the finisher". Find myself nodding at that. note to self: time to stop being a wuss