Monday, February 02, 2009

Home-Made Support

Everybody loves a project! Here's one to do the next time you have a spare 10 and 10 (minutes and dollars). These handy dandy wrist wraps are great if you are finding yourself doing a lot of weightlifting, and as such a lot of taping of your delicate wrists. Tape is sticky, messy and, in the long run, expensive.

Required equipment:

-Wrist wraps used for boxing/fighting (most major sporting goods stores will carry these)
-Knife/Scissors/Teeth (knife is the obvious choice for all-around awesome-ness)
-Wrist or approximation

Step 1: Find an appropriate length.

Use your fingers to grab/palm the long end of the wrap. The free is hand is, uh, free to wind the wrap around your wrist. You want a length that will offer some support, but not be too bulky. I've found you usually want the finished product to be a little longer than your arm.

Keep your finger marking the distance you find most comfortable while unwinding the wrap.

Step 2: Make the incision.

Using your sharp thing and your finger mark, cut that sucka!

(Optional) Step 3: Tidy Up

Using your mom's sewing kit, fold over a little bit of the end and sew it down to prevent fraying when you wash them sweaty wraps (you were planning on washing them, right? Tossing them in a dryer might be a bad idea as it may weaken the integrity of the fabric). If you are punk-rock or making your wraps in a hotel-room in Virginia, let them fray. Oi.

Step 4: Wrap it up!

Wrap your wrists. Make sure the wrap is fairly tight. Go lift something heavy over your head. Save the excess for the unfortunate time you might need to bandage an appendage. (Optional: Remove dorky EVERLAST logo with knife)

There you have it, a stylish, washable wrist support that won't leave any crazy tape-residue. I believe I first head about a similar solution on the CrossFit Evolution website, but I couldn't remember/find the specifics...

-Adrian "Modern-Day-Solutions" Bozman


FilthyBrit said...

I can't tell you how happy it made me to read the word "Oi."

Aneel said...

I only saw the first picture and I thought it was a tutorial on how to slit your wrist.

Ross Naughton said...

I like the phrase "Wrist or approximation." For those times when you just don't have access to your wrist?

FilthyBrit said...

You should've illustrated it like this.

Adrian said...


That is awesome!!! Had I known about this marvel of modern technology yesterday....


Dan said...

How about you just buy some for cheap from APT, Izer, or any of the other thousand companies that sell them... Lol wow.

Dave said...

Dan, I'm not sure that I trust a company that sells a contraption that looks like this:

Adrian said...


I like making stuff. I don't like waiting for shipping.


Neck harnesses are legit.

(In thick Russian accent)
"Big Neck Represent you like business card"


thurston howell iii said...

biting through the wrap with your teeth would be more awesome than cutting it with a knife

watson said...

I haveKenkoTherm andElastomag wraps, Both crafted of soft yet strong, stretchable material