Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Team Deluge

The fierce athletes of Team Six (six am, that is) once again revealed their remarkable commitment, tenacity, and downright bad-assed-ness this morning. Gathering, as usual, in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge at dawn, today the team witnessed the ominous, black sky threatening to crack open with something of biblical proportions. They warmed up - jump rope, squats, push ups. And then it came. Tabata. Did they flee? No. The fierce athetes stayed the course with 8 rounds of squats, jumping dips, ball slams, and sit ups. Christy and Piera kicked butt with ball slams using 20 pounders. Julie smoked the squats. Dylan, the newcomer, far from fleeing in the face of this terrific challenge, finished the workout looking great. Part way through the sit-ups the deluge came. (Wait, where did the Bridge go?) The roof held strong, the team stayed dry, and the resident worms are happy. Another challenge, put to bed by the Sixers before 6:45. Go Team.

Um, where's my coffee?


1 comment:

piera said...

ah, I used that 10 pounder that felt like a 20 poundy. confessions of a deluge crossfiteer.