Thursday, July 20, 2006


Take all the little pieces of the standard workouts that you hate, line them up end to end, and run the gauntlet for time. Here the gang discovers their inner monsters, Franken-Chipper Style.


Aaron said...

Franken-Chipper snuck up on me this morning. It made moving my legs to get out of bed a viable candidate for an exercise we do one of these days. "Getting out of bed 2 days after Franken-Chipper, 5 times for time." Great workout though, it was fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Siiick . .

I miss you guys!


Anonymous said...

I dig your dugs. Sweet shirts guys. Who's the cleaver that came up with that one? I loved to sport one of thoes shirts down in San Diego. Any way I can get my hands on one?

Bozman said...

Hey anon,

We have a few of the SFCF shirts left. They're $20. Drop me a line if you're still interested. or 415.632.6980