Saturday, July 01, 2006

Holiday Weekend Classes

Just a quick note:
Monday's 6am class is still on.
Tuesday we will have a 5pm class instead of the regular 7pm.
See you there!

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys, wow i am sad I missed out on the dead lift seminar, and t-shirt. Crossfit India is going as best as can be expected. It is hard to find the time (yes all 20 minutes it takes) 0ut here, between the force feeding of curries from all the relatives. Mostly I practice over head squats and handstands. Alas I will master one of the two.
Kelly the rings have worked great, there has been a shortage of places to hang them. I broke one tree branch at my cousins and was outlawed from going to thier backyard without proper supervision. The weather is hot, but not nearly as hot as the food, and the smog combined with the humidity takes it toll on the lungs during workouts.
Well I hope this finds everyone well, Good job ADAM on the deadlift.
Keep up the Crossfiting