Friday, January 23, 2009

Feburary Changes Are A-Coming

Hey Gang,

We just wanted to take a moment and update you on some SFCF changes that will go into effect on the first of February.

First: We are shifting away from paypal and are using a new scheduling system called MindBody that will help us to better serve our athletes. This killer new system will allow us to perform revolutionary tasks like enabling our athletes to pay for drop-in or monthly fees with, a credit card. Also, we can now offer our athletes long-term contract pricing and the flexibility of a 10 class pass.

Starting February 1st, our monthly athletes will need to log into MindBody through our new website (online payment link) and create an account to purchase a membership or a contract.

Second: In an attempt to better serve our veteran athletes, and better prepare first time Crossfitters for the rigors of regular group training, SFCF open classes will only be accessed after completing a short series of private training sessions or two weeks of "on-ramp" classes. Both avenues will be geared toward teaching the new athlete our program foundations and essentials. Details to follow on the re-launch of our website.

Third: We are very excited to announce that SFCF will now offer on site, performance-based physical therapy services. Whether you need rehab for ACL reconstruction, have some old nagging orthopedic injury from college, need help with your tight hamstrings, or just need some new space in your shoulder capsules to chase that Jerk PR, we can help. Scheduling and availability can also be accessed through the new site on Feb 1.

Fourth: Keep an eye on the schedule for some new Strength and Olympic Lifting based classes.

(ps. There is no actual devil worship going on at SFCF. Although if you've trained with Coach Di, the Skull Staff of Power is a fitting talisman.)


Nick said...

Awesome. Looking forward to the changes!

Unknown said...

How very exciting!!! World domination is only a moment away.

AOD said...

Calie is wondering why she's not in the sun chillin and what the heck Coach Di is holding...

ON a side note, I am planning on starting an "open gym" Endurance class for advanced athletes. It would range from a repeat Lyon st stairs to a 16 round tabata embarcadero st. sprint. Tentatively it will be held on friday nights. 09' games are right around the corner ya"ll!!! email me if interested.

Anonymous said...

I am in for the open gym endurance class.


Anonymous said...

The on-ramp is a great idea. For a person unfamiliar with the movements -- jumping into the WOD is overwhelming. I have friends who are scared to try SFCF, because they don't believe they're in good enough shape. This is a good way to ease them into it. It's the same as drinking. You don't start with Jack Daniels. You start with wine coolers, and work your way up to the hard stuff!


Anonymous said...

im in for th endurance class angel

Person said...

Good call re: "on site, performance-based physical therapy services." While trying to locate and stretch my annoying hip capsules, I've often thought to myself, "God dammit, this sucks; I'd much rather pay Kelly to do this for me." I'd bet others have had similar thoughts. Way to spot the opportunity for efficient exchange!