Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Orientation is important. Understand we are not talking about the type of orientation that requires a fire-side chat with mom and dad, but rather the simple relationship between you and whatever heavy thing you would like to lift. You need to be clear in this relationship: The basics of What do I want to happen? How can I make this happen? and What Happens to make this happen? should be given a moment every once in a while (but not in the moment, as that will almost assuredly mean that the moment has passed).

Don't get lost in this process and think in terms of concepts, not details. Let's take a look at young Jo in the picture above. What movement is Jo performing? What is he hoping to accomplish with this lift? What direction is his body travelling during this phase of the lift? The bar? Having a clear road map is one strategy to make the path travelled less bumpy. Now remove this idea from your thoughts and lift.

Notorious P below has the right idea: Think, then enjoy. Or don't think, but react. Remember, lifting, training, huffing and puffing are all means to an end, not the end itself.

-Adrian 'West-Coast' Bozman


Anonymous said...

anyone interested on trying to get a POSE running clinic at SFCF?

Chelsea said...

pose clinic would be great sign me up
matt m

Corrine said...

FYI- Affiliate team members do not have to register as spectators for the Crossfit Games.

CrossFit OG said...

Hi Everyone,

This is Jason "J-Dogg" Highbarger from CrossFit NSC. I was wondering if anyone from your gym would be interested in making the trip to CrossFit Oakland tomorrow (Saturday) for the tribute workout “O.P.D.”, to Honor the 4 fallen Oakland Police Officers. It is being run from 9am to 11am. The workout was designed by Mike Minium, loooong-time CrossFiter (he attended the 3'rd ever CrossFit seminar way back in the day) and owner of CrossFit Oakland. They are asking a minimum donation of $10 per person to help raise money for the wives and children of the 4 fallen Officers. The wod is currently posted on their website,
If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or contact CrossFit Oakland directly. ...So far, from Santa Cruz its just myself and 2 others making the trip.

FilthyBrit said...


Thanks so much for posting about the OPD tribute. Corrine and I plan to be there.

Other SFCFers: we'll be leaving at 10 a.m. tomorrow from SFCF (Corrine's coaching a client from 9 to 10). Anyone else who wants a ride, we have two spots. Also, if we're going to do 40 deadlifts at 275/185, we may give the 7:30 am workout a miss this week!

Jason, if others can't make it, is there a way to make donations online?

Thanks again.


FilthyBrit said...

Hey, all.

Change of plan for us, as now I can't make it to Oakland by 11. Instead, I'll be doing the OPD workout at SFCF tomorrow morning at open gym. Let me know if you're in. I'm also looking into how to donate to the trust funds for the fallen officers' families.


John Hill Gardner III said...

FilthyBrit said...

OPD Hero Workout

Run 400m
40 deadlifts @ 275#/185#
40 box jumps @ 24"
40 push presses @ 115#/85#
Run 400m

Michael, as prescribed (275 lb DL; 115 lb PP): 31 minutes

Corrine, as prescribed (185 lb DL; 85 lb PP): 27 minutes

Chris (185 lb DL; 85 lb PP): 22 minutes

Pictures here.

Sean said...

Pose runnning.... cute.

FilthyBrit said...

I would TOTALLY be down with an SFCF arm wrestling club. In fact, I have a whole bunch of training equipment for hand and wrist strength (long time obsession, though one I haven't been attending to recently). Let's get it done!

John Hill Gardner III said...

yes i second that

Anonymous said...

Does this mean doing curls is now acceptable?


FilthyBrit said...

You didn't get the memo, Raj?

FilthyBrit said...

P.S. We should put a couple holes in the top of the coffin for removable handles. If would be perfect for arm wrestling matches.

Ian said...

For all you people that want 'special shoes'...great deal..$45 bucks


Anonymous said...

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