Friday, March 13, 2009


We think it is our Coaching staff that makes us different.
And we are clear about using the word "Coach" instead of "Trainer".
Is there a difference?
We think there is.

Often, coming to SFCF is the first time an athlete has any experience with coaching. And, many of our athletes come from extensively coached backgrounds and find a coached experience with us that they recognize and one in which they can excel. Coaching is always the difference.

How well do you know your Coaches?
Did you know both Angel AND Diane are badminton champions?
Did you know that Boz majored in music in college?
Did you know that Carl's "side-gig" is a developing a revolution in coaching independent elite athletes? Naka Athletics
Did you know that Kelly's real passion is for making drift-wood art?

Do they get coaching? You bet, check out the furious five getting better.


Even coaches need coaches.



Tuller said...

Glad to know the coaches joyfully seek coaching and at Acrosports no less where my boys have begun their budding sports careers. Hell, Tiger has a coach and many consider him the best of all time. We are never to old to learn: learning stops the day we get into the pine box. At BUD/S I learned that "perfect practice makes perfect."

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I just read a post entitled "Watchmen" without at least one reference to an enormous blue penis. Though maybe that's what Angel is describing in the first picture.

Hollis said...

I couldn't agree more with this one. 'Even Coaches need Coaches'

Anonymous said...

Is that you Kstar, about to throw a front tuck? did you land it?

You guys do some amazing stuff on the West coast there. We here at Windy City Crossfit check out your articles regularly. And I, a former SFCF athlete, refer to the coaching I got from Kstar and Boz on an almost daily basis. I wouldn't be where I'm at today, if it hadn't been for them.

Thank you and keep it coming.

Melliefarrell said...

I heard about the acrobatic outing, funny stuff!

ALL coaches SHOULD HAVE coaches.

Mentor type relationships help you grow as a person, as a trainer, as a coach.

meg said...

aw, makes me love and miss you guys.

Molly Petersen Nardone said...


Did anyone know Kelly was creating a found object/driftwood installation at our studio? Come see it at our next open studio!

Anonymous said...

Hands down the best coaching staff crossfit has to offer. Each coach offers something different, and I am always excited each day to be coached by such an exceptional group of people. Crossfit has changed alot about my life, and I have our wonderful coaches to thank for that. Keep learning coaches so that we may in turn benefit from your new found knowledge.


Sean said...

Best coaches hands down. Each one offers their own unique knowledge and experiences that are unmatched at other gyms. Thank you for deciding to become coaches and for sharing it all with us.

We seriously need a badminton tourney set up at SFCF. Who's in?

Will Blaker said...

Mr. Boz,

ok if I come down tomorrow morning for the WOD?

Anonymous said...


You're welcome anytime.


Will Blaker said...

Thank you, sir.
Looks like I'll be making it down Wednesday rather than tomorrow. See y'all there Wed at 7am or noon. Lookin forward to meeting more of the family.

Anonymous said...

Who coaches the coaches' coach? Where does it end?!!

Anonymous said...


I'm pretty sure the Wednesday 7 AM has been cancelled! You might want to verify that, but MWF 7AM has been off for a few weeks. Thought you should know!

James F.

Anonymous said...

James is right, no more M/W/F 7am.


xi xia said...

Yo KStar,

Can't get enough of your vids on the journal! What say you to coming up to Portland, Oregon again and putting on your clinic here at CrossFit Portland?

Xi Xia

FilthyBrit said...

Anyone want a 24 inch CRT TV? Let me know. You'd need to pick it up at 6th and Anza.

Email me a dimitrukm AT

Anonymous said...

Angel, I'm really late with this post. Just wanted to say: It's great to see your picture. Remember me lurking in the corner at Rip's cert at CFSCC? You were something to watch and certainly knew all about BIG BREATH!