Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Stripes or Meatballs?

Twizzlers or Redvines?
French Queen or Scottish Peasant Girl?

The world can be divided into two groups. Which are you? Bill Murray in Stripes, or Bill Murray in Meatballs? It's really rather simple. I am a Redvines guy, so is my wife. Everyone else can sod off. But you get the point. How you answer one simple question really ends up putting you into one camp or another.

On to the point.
We are asked on a consistent basis, "What do you do when it rains?"
People are shocked to discover that we still train, outdoors (we do have 1200 square feet of canopy for crying out loud), in the rain, in the wind. Nothing changes, except that sometimes we do fewer burpbees (sometimes).

And, at the instant that we respond, "We Frakking do high-rep Olympic lifting, what do you do?" That person drops into one camp or another. They either totally get it and see the advantages of always being outside under the beautiful bridge while performing training that actually reflects real world conditions. Or, they don't get it. At all.
They look at us like we've got a third eye (which we do, we ARE good coaches).
And at that moment we know pretty know all we need to ever know about that person.
SFCF isn't right for everyone. It's just right for us.

Well, which are you, Stripes or Meatballs?
Post answer to comments.



Daniel said...

What if you're Caddyshack?

Anonymous said...

At NSWC; BUD/S; NAB Coronado we trained outside, exclusively: real world.
Translation: Navy Special Warfare Center; Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training; Naval Amphibious Base Coronado.
SFCF is SEAL tough and real world; enough said.
You are either with us at SFCF or not.

Ross Naughton said...

Meatballs is the one w/ mega nudity, right?


Anonymous said...

I am a redvines guy, and Bill Murray in Stripes is legendary. What we do at SFCF is March on, we do not tarry. We move forward toward perfection, and we dont fear shit!!! The rain is my mid-workout hydration, the wind my air conditioner. Choose you side , and choose wisely. (not like the guy in Indiana Jones who chose poorly and drank from the cup that shriveled him into a raisin and he died, and then Indy picked the right cup).


Aaron said...

Stripes. That's the fact, Jack.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its my sheltered upbringing or simply an east coast thing, but I never even heard of redvines until I moved to California. Twizzlers all the way.

The experience of doing 150 wallballs in the rain is pretty much the summation of why I love crossfit.


J.D. said...

murry as Carl in caddyshack.

Rain? we have a tent, are you serious? we stay dry relatively as compared to other sports practicing in the rain. I had a wise old coach once who said, "you must defeat the elements before you can defeat your opponent." Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it rains... think about that.
the twelth son of the lama with his bald head and flowing robes said show up and train hard regardless of conditions, and on your deathbed you shall be rewarded with complete and utter consciousness. which is nice

Will B. said...

Will Blaker from One World here.

A) CF San Fran in the wind and rain with only 1200sf of canaopy. You are my heroes, all the way

B) I'm more of a hybrid, "MeatStripes" type of guy. Wisy-washy, maybe. But I like to exhibit all angles of Bill Murray given the appropriate setting.

C) Twizzlers taste like shit. Redvines baby.

Adrian said...

#1) Twizzlers are far superior to redvines. Serisously. Especially the licorice flavoured ones.

#2) I'll take Billy M. in 'The Life Aquatic' please.


Pat Griffin said...

1) Stripes.
2) Red Vines (I, like Raj, had no experiences with these until I moved here from PA, but it's true, Twizzlers do taste like shit).
3) French Queen, without a doubt. She's like the holy grail of women. Nothing against the Scottish Peasant Girl, she's outstanding as well, but you have to go for gold here, right?

Steven said...

"the twelth son of the lama with his bald head and flowing robes said show up and train hard regardless of conditions, and on your deathbed you shall be rewarded with complete and utter consciousness. which is nice"

. . . at least we got that going for us . . ..

Anonymous said...

!) Twizzlers -

2) French Queen - Let them eat cake!

3) Bill in The Royal Tenenbaums

Growing up my neighbor met Bill and asked for his autograph. Bill signed "Keep your dog off my beach. Bill Murray."

Talk about total consciousness.


Bill said...

Holy Crap, I miss San Francisco.

"Where The Buffalo Roam"

Anonymous said...

Forget Murray. Tyler Durden all the way.

-- The White Whale

Ross Naughton said...

Huh. In my opinion, the *real* White Whale would not be even remotely impressed by Tyler Durden.

And it appears that, as far as Bill movie preferences go, we can now just name any Bill movie, so I'm going to have to rescind my vote; the choice has become vastly more difficult.

Veejay said...

If it ain't rainin' it ain't trainin.

1. Twizzlers.
2. French Queen.
3. Stripes.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaarmy training!!!

Anyone who doesn't say stripes is an idiot.

Aaron said...

My vote was based on only two choices as well. While Stripes is a superb movie, I'd like to rescind my vote as well. This feels like last November to me now.

Anonymous said...

Here in Finland we make a hole in the ice deck of the lake and go swimming no matter the weather. Everyone does it, even the grannys. What's so Navy SEAL tough in training in the rain? It should be business as usual. Or maybe California makes people soft :D