Monday, September 15, 2008


Now that you're all warm and spent from a killer workout, there's one last task left to do...the oft-overlooked cool-down.

Just like a good warm-up, a good cool-down should accomplish a few things:

1) Return/remind the body of it's natural, full ROM (range of motion).

Stretching and light mobility is an excellent choice at this time as your musculature is already warm and pliable. Foam rolling is also super-fun and super-effective here. Give me a hells-yes for Myo-fascial release!

2) Allow the heart-rate to decrease.

This happens weather a conscious effort is made or not, but some light activity (walking around, light rowing, running...really any moderate locomotive activity) done to ramp your hear-rate back down can help to clear waste product from you muscles and prevent the pooling of said waste product. Why should you give a damn? Potentially, you will be less sore and recover faster for the next bout.

3) Allow the nervous system to relax.

Crossfit is some intense shit! (understatement of the year?)
It's important to let your nervous system know when the hard work is done so it can begin the recovery process. At the risk of sounding touchy-feely, this sort of mind-body communication is very important. With time, you can 'flip the switch' from action mode to relax-tion mode (you know what I mean) relatively quickly and vice-versa.

There are also some 'Big-Gun' cool-down methods that can be quite therapeutic...contrast showers and ice-baths are a few such niceties that can be employed from time to time.

When you shower off after your workout, start the shower on cold, then alternate between as cold as possible and as hot as possible a few times, making sure to end on the cold cycle. You'll hate me at first, but soon you'll find the process quite invigorating! Try it, you might like it! Or you can use Matty T's method above....

On a different note, we need more people to sign up for the Fight-Gone-Bad fundraiser. We know you're out there and that you'll be doing the workout anyway, so sign up for a good cause...any donation helps, so you don't have to break the bank with your commitment. Follow this link for details:



Nick said...

I used to do the ice bath when I still ran marathons. It sucks donkey balls, but you absolutely feel so much better.

FilthyBrit said...
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FilthyBrit said...

OK, my brother is not getting his pilot wings the weekend of FGB any more (due to hurricane-related delays). So, I'm in for FGB. Those who haven't signed up yet need to get with the program.

I pledge $10 for every point Corrine gets above 250. Calling her out publicly. Get some!

sean M said...

Wow, that just went from $5 to $10. You going to take that Corrine?

Seriously people, we only have 9 peeps signed up for FGB. I know that on Saturdays we have at LEAST 20 people that show up between both classes. You don't need to raise a ton of money, but its worth participating in. GET ON IT!!

FilthyBrit said...

Corrine, I want you to break the bank on this one!

Adam said...

The banks are already broken Michael.

FilthyBrit said...

I know. It's causing me some late nights at the office.

Anonymous said...

happy late birth day coach boz