Monday, September 29, 2008

Hangin' Tough

A big shout out to Roop and Mike M (from the A.M. crew) for attending the Crossfit Level 1 seminar this weekend. I was responsible for creating the workout on day 2 which involved not one, but 2 trips up the infamous CrossFit Games hill! Ask them how much they enjoyed it the second time around! Nice work, fellas.

Sometimes something as simple as switching your grip or basic position is enough to add another layer of challenge. L sits while holding the ropes? No problem:

In other news, there are a bunch of freshly-printed shirts up at the box. If there's anyone who still can't find a size that works for them or if you live out of town and want me to mail one to you, I'll be doing a run of special-orders. Email your size and design request(pictured below...monsters or space-men) to adrian AT

...and remember, new classes start Oct. 1st! Check the schedule on for more details.

See you at 6 (and now at 7!),



Anonymous said...


I will take one hat. Also when do we get to experience GWAR in the morning? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

There are still hats down there. Anyone who needs to order something, please email me!!! It makes it much easier to keep organized...if I don't get an email, your order won't get filled.


adrian AT

Person said...

Vlad, Vlad, Vlad the Impaler!
Shoulda been a whaler!

Love the old-school mode of production for these shirts. Means that if (when?) I fall on hard times, I can cash out my SFCF shirt on eBay. (Not that I would; point is that these shirts are bound to be much-sought-after commodities, and that an effective market would value them accordingly.)

Sean said...

I am still waiting for my banana hammock.

Anonymous said...


Dude, you're all talk and no rock.

The ball's in your court (no pun intended). Bring me a BH and I'll print it up.



Nick said...


Sean said...

It's on.

Nick said...

Or off, depending on exactly what you are doing in that banana hammock.

FilthyBrit said...

I have one you can borrow. Hardly used. Was part of the "Party Boy" outfit Corrine got me for Christmas. Only saw the light of day once, when I gave my brother a preview of what I was planning to do at our family Christmas dinner (think tear-away pants and house music). Scarred him for life. I was told to burn the outfit.