Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hip Function Fluency

We contend that the more ways we can train hip function in our athletes, the better they perform. We do not respect one hip-trick ponies. We want hip function fluency (HFF).

It really is rather simple. Training athletes to violently extend their hips through "easy" movements like the Snatch, builds real athletic capacity. If an athlete can complete a powerful hip extension movement while orienting their spine in the direction desired, then serious legit-ness has been facilitated.

Olympic lifting teaches athletes to fully open the loaded hip while transitioning the torso and spine into optimally upright position. Simple and effective.

James Mills (above) is a local professional Ballet dancer here in SF. He has spent the better part of his life learning to extend. It's not an accident that although he has been training with us for less than a year, he appears to have pretty solid HFF. Olympic lifting is just his latest. As he can attest, the better he gets at the snatch, the better he get's in everything else.

Now take a look at the Boz messing around below. How, you might say, is he so damn capable at not risking Diane's life. Simple, he's fluent.

Note the full hip and arm extension prior to lift off, with a spine pointing in the direction of travel. These traits are trained and learned. By the way, Boz is a pretty good Oly-lifter too.



Anonymous said...


That my friend is awesome. I wanna try!


Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus. If I tried that we'd both be in the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Smoke and mirrors!


PS James has a pretty nice snatch.

Roop said...

Well then share what you've been smoking because that is ridiculous!

Shaffer said...

I was showing this off to some friends trying to get them interested in CrossFit. All I heard was how these images were fake and no one can do that. Do you have any other images of this that I can send them to show it is indeed real as I believe it to be?

Steve Caddy said...


Unknown said...


What if those plates slipped..?

Daner said...

Kids, when you try this at home please move the chair so you won't hit your hands on it on the backswing.

Anonymous said...

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