Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bounty Hunters

There was a terrific Coldplay song off of their first album called "Don't Panic".
Imagine that's playing in the background right now.
Set? Good.

Ok, the news as most of you know, is that we are set to loose our famous outdoor training site to SportsBasement reorganization. We've had an amazing three year run.

So, since we live in an absolutely crazy city, we are deputizing the likes of all of our athletes and guests alike to find us a new spot.

REWARD: The athlete that supplies the lead to our next location will receive a one year sponsorship from SFCF.

Consider yourself deputized.

Coach Kstar


Nick said...

So a couple of questions Kstar - Where do you want this location to be? What part of the city? It is sad that our little slice of heaven is going away, but I guess the bright side is that something better is bound to come along. Is there a date set yet for moving out?

Matt said...

I'm kind of a might makes right type person. I say we kick sports basement out.

Anonymous said...

In an ideal world, our new location would:
not drastically affect our current athlete family.

It would have parking.

It would not be SOMa (one billion warehouses there, not sure that's where we want to be)

We are opening to ideas/suggestions/brainstorming.


FilthyBrit said...

We're on it.

Anonymous said...

Proximity from the city has been keeping me away from CF workouts.

Trying to get to Presidio from home (Sunset) morning or work (downtown) evening just plain sucks. I think a location where public transit is easily accessible would be key.

Matt C

Anonymous said...

Why not under the bridge in front of sports basement...or behind new rock gym. Aren't they affiliated with Rob Miller and Sunyvale Crossfit?

Also, Fort Mason? they have huge retail spots vacant.

or my garage...

Person said...

The nix on SOMA is tough, b/c that's where the less expensive industrial space is. Or used to be.

Ultimately, though, I too say no SOMA, if only b/c that other xfit joint is there. We must keep our distance, in order to nurture our bitter east-west rivalry.

What do you mean, "What east-west rivalry?"? What the hell kind of Cold Warrior are you?!

Sean said...

Good call on the fort mason spaces.

John Hill Gardner III said...

treasure island?

John Hill Gardner III said...

other places in the presidio?

Anonymous said...

I support the Presidio Option as well: they have non-residential leasing options, and you can narrow the search to health and fitness (although no price is listed for the listings): http://www.presidio.gov/Leasing/NonResidentialLeasing/PropertySearch/PropSearch.htm

DannyNoonan said...

When is this change of venue taking place?

Eric said...

Do you get to keep the shipping container (making it easy to move most stuff in one pass)? What about fitting in with the new climbing gym (Planet Granite) just up the street? They already refer to you on their website!

Seems like a great fit. You could park the container in the back, workout in the parking lot or maybe inside sometimes. Location is practically the same, shouldn't affect existing SF CrossFit members.

CrossFit lurker,
Eric Blumenau