Thursday, October 09, 2008

Stay of Execution

Just kidding. About having to move that is. Turns out the greatest training center under the Golden Gate Bridge is safe. The very generous kids at the Sportsbasement have figured out how to make due.

But, this experience has shed light on a few lurking issues.

1) Our community would thrive even if we didn't have a club house.
2) The very broad and diverse talents of our SFCF'ers are largely untapped by our community within. As soon as we said we needed a space, literally 15 athletes ponied up their services as brokers. Maybe we need to have an hour of power (1 ounce beer, 1 pull up for an hour, century if you can handle it) and pass out business cards and give a short spiel about what it is you do when you aren't thrustering and pull-upping.
I would basically trust anyone that I fight gone bad with. ex) I need a clinical pathologist: poof, Ellen Krasik.
3) How attached are we to staying outside?
4) What does our next move look like? Should we move if we find a dream space?

Note that the Boz contemplates these issues as well. What would Rodin say?

The offer still stands for a one year sponsorship. Find us the dream space.



Unknown said...

And I thought having the Blue Angels fly overhead this afternoon was the best thing that happened all day!

Get Some! Rock on! That just happened! Wooooooooooooo.

Flipping out,

Person said...

Matt's post from the other day (re: taking over Sports Basement) set me thinking about SFCF's manifest destiny. I had some vague sense about it, but the Boz pic has now made it clear: we need to take the Palace of the Legion of Honor. Plenty of room for throwing, running, and climbing. If we take it intact, we'll be able to try new, awesomely destructive workouts, such as "max boring Dutch landscapes impaled on equally boring decorated chairs in 20 minutes" or "500 lb total of porcelain trinkets, overhead anyhow and then smashed to bits anyhow." Finally, we could re-title the property in an appropriate-but-ambiguous manner -- e.g., the Palace of the Fist of Poseidon, or the maybe just the Fist of Legion -- so that maybe the IRS will be confused and we can get 501(c)(3) status! I've totally thought this out!!

---Ross "I really prefer SFMOMA" N

PS: I love our outdoors setup! Outhouse is an occasional bummer, though.

Unknown said...

I just want an official Nut Broker WOD. Would have to have lots of KB swings. Maybe w/ two KBs. That is my dream.

thebellgirl said...

Hour of Power. I'm there. When you vomit up a lung, have no fear--I'll be able to analyze it and diagnose your case of monsterhood.

Unknown said...

Battle Gear for the Takeover of the Palace of the Legion of Honor:

watermelon helmets- check.

Nick said...

Flabongo water/beer containers - check

Anonymous said...

I say we storm city hall and start setting up our new SFCF. Poseidon looked down upon our place of suffering and saw that it was good. His anger faded, and the seas have calmed, and SFCF will remain. I say we do the century club, and then try to describe what we do for a living after those 100 mins. We might not even remember by that point. Im so happy we are staying. We wouldve made any location our own home away from home, but there is something priceless about being tucked away in a corner and forging a body of ademantium like the claws of wolverine. This means that I will be celebrating fleet week, and this great moment for our tribe. We are titans and we rule that corner with unyielding power. Bottom line is that I was gonna stage a sit-in if worse came to worse.


FilthyBrit said...

Hark! As is fitting on such a momentous occasion, the next open gym I'm in town, I commit to doing the Century Club in lederhosen. I will then sacrifice a watermelon on Poseidon's Altar, and don the fruity carcass on my head.

If anyone wants to throw in some vestal virgins for good measure, I'm all for it.

Matt said...

To answer the question of how attached are we to being outside, for me, I love it. Why? It's not just the fact that I'm a sweaty beast who leaves driplets all over the place after trying to keep up with everyone else. I do like to remain cool and working out inside is so stuffy. No, it's not just that. For me, coming down to crossfit, working out of a shipping container with the occasional rusty barbell is like accessing some point in the past when not everything was clean and yuppie. Like the image of an American iconic bygone with his pea-coat collar turned up to wade off the cold so too is the opening of the shipping container and deployment of equipment a turning up of the collar to wade off the elements of life. Behind Sports Basement, almost directly under Doyle Drive (also soon to be gone), surrounded by dumpsters and old broken down cars and rusting bikes, there lies the last of the grungy gyms set in a 200 year old military base upon a vista of the Golden Gate. It's the tenderloin set in Yosemite. I’m all for seizing the moment if the right space becomes available. If we do upgrade to an Olympic training facility type of venue, the walls should be covered with pictures of the old crossfit. While I come for the workouts and the beat down, it's the crazy and inspiring notion that a community can still create nostalgia somewhere in San Francisco.

Having said all that, it might get even more nostalgic in the coming weeks and months given current times and I would love to get to know people better if only to network as I will probably have to find a new job and don’t wish to have to go to Iraq to pay my bills.


Anonymous said...

When im not playing country dave or crossfit dave i'm a trader and might be asking for networking info soon. after this weeks market decline i would nut-broker myself out the window but we work on the ground floor. im pretty sure i can land in a safe squat position from there. By the way, the only thing that could make exercising outside behind the sports basement better would be a free horse steroid needle exchange program so im not so sore all the time.

Sean said...

Great F'ing News!!!! Definitely in for the Century Club/networking event. I will don my SFCF banana hammock. Jagerbombs! Jagerbombs! Jagerbombs!

Matt said...

Dave, I've told people that the only way our little crossfit spot could be better is if we build a bar. Hint, hint, wink (just like Palin!).

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that we train outside, rain or shine, in a dusty corner next to a chain link fence and a shipping container to hold our stuff. It's much cooler to suffer in our little corner of the world than in some clean, pretty, well lit gym.

As far as networking, how about a pot luck bbq to celebrate the good news!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I couldn't be happier to hear the news that we're staying. Everything is just oh so perfect where we are. Of course, I would relocate with SFCF, but I know deep down something fundamental would have changed.

I am deeply attached to working out outside in the elements with cobbled together equipment. I love that we not only workout with whatever is available, but we set up, tear down, & care for (to some degree) our equipment. As much as I'd love to have a hot weight caddy to carry my gear, it would feel like I was missing part of the workout. (Sort of like the folks who drive around the parking lot to find a close spot to the gym door just to go ho on the treadmill).

Oh, for those who might want to freshen up after a SFCF workout in the elements -- the hose behind sports basement sprays HOT water. I'm just sayin'.

I am also up for a gathering. Place & time?

Is anyone else going to Chico next weekend for the O lift seminar?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else have a Pavlovian response when you see a fire hydrant? I find myself walking fast, breaking into a slow jog, & then an all out run.

Person said...

I wholeheartedly second Matt's words in his long post. Well, his short post too.

Anonymous said...

How about Lake Merced?