Thursday, October 23, 2008


No insights, wit or attempts at hilarity tonight...just raw, undiluted documentation of the serious ass-whoopings that have taken place lately.



Aaron said...

Ugh. On my toes and knees way too far forward. Poor form.

Anonymous said...

...but the monkey-face is priceless!


Anonymous said...

You should probably just end it all Dial. What could you possibly have going for you with poor form such as that. We missed you @ taco night Boz. I talked to Jason Khalipa @ the challenege and he said he wants to venture to our palace of poseidon for a WOD. Start brainstorming something that makes me queazy just reading it. I have yet to see this guy look tired after a WOD. Not human


Anonymous said...

Hey Boz,
I just got back from a Yankees/Red Sox trip where I was lucky enough to meet David and Jacinto.

I go for an early morning run in midtown to the "black box" in NY, and there's Jacinto working out a client with more energy from a trainer than I'd seen in awhile. Later that same day, I head on down to South Brooklyn's box, and there's Jacinto practicing his snatch. What an inspiration at any age. I was impressed, and pleased to have met someone of that caliber.

Take care SF

Unknown said...

what's the weightvest/sandbag WOD that KStar and the other guy are doing? Looks interesting.

Anonymous said...


What We Did:

Aaron did a 'finisher':
35lb Vest.
2x 50lb Sandbag

One lap around hydrant (approx 350m)

Kelly and I did:

5 Rounds for Time with 84lb vest and 2x50lb sandbags:

Run with Bags 50m
Bearcrawl back 50m
Sprint back to Bags

Good times,