Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Heading East

SFCF is losing another of its finest (and finest Canadians) to the allure of the big cities out east. Eugene is departing this weekend for New York city. Make sure to wish him well! Don't worry though, he is equipped for big-city life having purchased the only SFCF Murse/Weightlifting shoe bag in existence! You will be missed Eugene.



FilthyBrit said...

The Man with the Golden Murse....

Unknown said...

Eugene, you will be missed very much! I will be sure to keep you updated on all the tom-foolery at SFCF.

All the best in NYC,

"Den Mother 415"

Anonymous said...

Eugene -

Good luck in NYC. I know you will represent SFCF well at the Black Box.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck in NYC Eugene - think of us when the big one hits.


Anonymous said...

The NutBroker is saddened by your departure... alas another beautiful backsquat lost. Fear Not!Teach others that long neutral spine posistion, you can be like the Johhny Appleseed of backsquatting!
wait, APPLES!?!? no, NUTS!

Todays lesson, almond varieties. As we have seen all almonds are not the same. We can further differentiate them by their general grouping into varities, the most popular of which are: Nonpariel, Mission, and California varieties. What kind do you eat? well, nonpariels are broad and flat and make up most of the almonds sold by them sleves and raw. Missions are often in mixes and are shorter and almost cylindrically round. The cal varieties are even longer than the NP's, but not quite as round as missions... kinda inbetween.

Eugene, the nutbroker has hopes you spread your good almond knowledge along with your backsquat in your travels! good luck!

FilthyBrit said...

The Nut Broker better broker for some macadamias, because I've figured out who he is.

Aaamonds, anyone?

Nick said...

Eugene -

Sorry I couldn't make it out last night. Have a great time in the NYC, I am sure we will see you again when you are visiting.


BTW I believe I figured out who it is as well.

Sean said...


Sorry I missed ya last night. Good luck out East. You will have to let me know what this years Super Bowl parade is like. You still have time to reconsider. Seriously.

Anonymous said...


Sorry I didnt make it last night. Rep SFCF with pride. Dont assimilate to CFNYC. Stay frosty.
I better see you @ the crossfit games.


AOD said...

Good luck in NY dude!

JD- 29....? DADADAMMMM! nice!

Unknown said...

I know! 29 is silly.

Good luck in the Big Apple! You will be missed in SF. We expect you to come back and visit whenever you can! Kick AlisonNYC's ass for me (in wod's of course)
Happy squatting!

Roop said...
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Roop said...

Fun times last night an Monaghan's, Rep for SFCF out east.

And I would like to split the bag of mac nuts with FilthyBrit as I too have figured out who the NutBroker is.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to meeting you Eugene.


Anonymous said...


I will bring the Mac-Nuts tonight. Let's keep it hush-hush and maybe the nut-broker will grace us with some more nut-knowledge.


Unknown said...

Thanks for all the well wishes guys! I really hate to leave but I'll be back to visit plenty since family is out here.

It's funny to think back on that cold winter night nine months ago when I almost died doing my first Crossfit workout when I couldn't even begin to keep up with anyone compared to where I am today. Crossfit's been amazing to me, but more importantly it was the support of all the amazing people in our little shack behind the Sports Basement that kept me coming back for more.

I'm proud to call you guys friends, and if any of you find yourself out in NYC let me know!

Anonymous said...

All the best Eugene! You will be missed.


Unknown said...

I am super sad you are leaving...But I am very excited for you and your new adventures! I think we should do another cf brunch on Saturday after class if you are available?!?! See ya tonight!

Person said...

Good luck, Eugene! And don't let the modern Babylon corrupt you.

Anonymous said...

Have a ball in the big apple! I'm out of town this weekend and am sorry I won't be around to say Bon voyage in person.

Anonymous said...

Eugene-Happy Trails! It's been great training with you. We'll miss you!


Aaron said...

We're sorry to see you go Eugene. Stay sharp in NYC. Shabu shabu will be waiting for your return visit.
I know you'll just be getting settled in, but I'm going to be in CT near Hartford w/ Adam and Cheryl from the 23-28th. Maybe we can do something for a day.