Friday, October 03, 2008

Too Legit...

When faced with an intense workout, sometimes the concept of 'faster' becomes synonymous with 'better'. This logic is not always correct.

With exercises like Knees-to-elbows, pullups, pushups and the like, going faster is only one way to skin the 'better' cat. Increasing the Range Of Motion (ROM) on these beauties is something we should all strive for as our proficiency increases. Going 'longer' relative to one's abilities (and not in the timed sense of the word) should not be ignored or forgotten about.

Here we are going long:

Results From Weds:

Results From Thurs:

...and just to restate the new Schedule changes:

-6am/7am, 6pm, 7pm, (6pm Thurs is now a 'basics' class with the emphasis on learning techniques/movements)
-Friday classes are 6am/7am


Sat. (all classes in AM)
-7:30 Experienced Class
-8:30 Open Class
-9:30-10:00 Basics Class

...and the new drop-in fee is $20. Spread the word!

Have fun,


Anonymous said...

Here here!

This morning I really tried to press through to be vertical in the handstand pikes and I came in "last". It added significant difficulty and time to the workout. It's amazing how just a little bit of a difference in your form can be substantially more difficult.


FilthyBrit said...

Wednesday's workout was the hardest I've ever done. It was so deceptively simple on paper, and I screamed through the first round, but when it hit me, it hit me hard.

Forget snogging the snake. I felt like I was shagged by the snake six ways from Sunday.