Monday, December 08, 2008

Choose Your Own Adventure!

When the experience of working out with semi-technical elements is still new to the individual, it can be expected that coaching will be a major part of the process as this set of external eyes can see more from their vantage point. Many times it is easier in the beginning to do what is best when told by those with more experience, instead of first having to decide what is best on your own.

There comes a time, however, that the individual must start forming his or her own opinions about what 'best-practice' is for his or herself after having enough instruction and familiarity with relevant concepts. This is a good thing! It is also the time that the individual must take stock of his or her own weaknesses and address them accordingly.

Today the morning crew had a 'Choose your own Adventure' workout, with a few similar, but different, skills that could be chosen. For those needing more of a challenge, the option was there. For those working the basics, the option was there.

When performing your next workout, think beyond increased weight, reps or box jump height and see what ways you can come up with to modify a workout to meet your particular needs. Barbell Fran is getting pretty fast? How about Dumbell Fran, or Clean and Jerk Fran, or Bar-Muscle up Fran? Find a skill that needs work and incorporate it in your favorite workout that has a similar skill. Look ahead to the next step/challenge/layer. Only you can truly decide what's best.

Adrian 'Stagnancy-Sucks' Bozman

PS Here are some long over-due photos of Arts-n-crafts/Grill-o-rama day:

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