Thursday, December 04, 2008

SFCF Out and About

Just a little eye-candy from the road....

Can you name the places?




Storm (Ian's Dog):

Ryann (one of Steven's):

See you all back in SF on Monday,


PS send in some SFCF out and about pics if you've got 'em! adrian @

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Anonymous said...


Because Im a CF addict, and your fav crossfitter im determined to get one of your shirts on the back of someone famous and get a pic. What if we got Obama crossfittin and he wears one of your shirts. Maybe...just maybe...these shirts may unite a nation...nay!!!! unite a planet...and we may all live under the banner of kettlebell under god indivisable with liberty and justice for all....for time. Im am dead serious about this. Someone famous needs a shirt.