Sunday, December 14, 2008

Trans-bay Holiday Party This Wednesday (CHPA)

Here's the low down on the Coolest Holiday Party Around (The CHPA)

Where: Special Top Secret Cool Kid Workout: SFCF 6pm
Sportsbasement Shopping After Party: 6:45-9pm

What: All Crossfitters and family get 20% off shopping at the Sportsbasement, 5% of total sales goes to a charity of our choosing.

Food: Amazing drinks and Killer Paleo/Zone creations by CFO master chef; Lance

Look: If you are a Crossfitter in the greater Bay Area, we'd love to have you. And, bring a friend!

The 7pm class will be moved to the portable bar (think wine/beer/vodka) in the Sportsbasement (no formal class but drinking for time is encouraged, or power shopping, whatever.)

And to get you in the mood, photos of cool kids lifting heavy things:

Alex for 435

Coach Di with the "PR and Chat"

Big Poppa Steven pulling 425.

Coach K-Do I ever have some horrible planned for Wednesday CHPA- Star


AOD said...

I love your moonwalk walkout Alex. Big lifts guys- Awesome!

Unknown said...

Sam Drop me an email