Sunday, November 04, 2007

Saturday Class Format Change

Hey Gang,
Just want to make sure everyone is aware of the new schedule for Saturday mornings.

Starting this Saturday, November 10th, we will be implementing our Level II classes starting at 7:45am.

Regular Level One open classes will move to an 8:30am start time.

Level II classes are our attempt to continue to meet the needs of, and challenge our regular crossfitters that have developed solid proficiency in the core movements of CF programming. Level II athletes can complete regular Crossfit WOD's at prescribed training weights and work volumes. Level II programming is invitation/try out based.

We want to continue to challenge our veterans with higher skill based workouts that require basic strength, technique, and work capacity competencies.

If you think you may be in between levels, train with us regularly, and we have not spoken to you about advancing your programming, come to the Level II class for a try out.

It is a fantastic sign that our athletes are arriving at a place where they need more difficult workouts!

Nice CFSF!

Coach K

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