Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Super Squat

For the uninitiated, there is a very old and storied training regimen called the "The Super Squat Program." In the traditional interpretation, the athlete would perform a 20 rep squat 3 times per week for 6 weeks, increasing the load each week by 10 pounds. This routine in conjunction with a copious consumption of calories (milk was a very popular choice) would produce incredible muscle and strength gains. It is an unbelievable physical and mental strain to squat a load 20 times without rest and requires a tremendous amount of intestinal fortitude and an iron will. While the program is by no means Crossfit, the stimulus of a 20 rep squat has its merits in building a bigger engine. And since we are Crossfitters and not bodybuilders, we do 21...

Check out Coach Boz going after 235# X 21 repetitions!

Strong work!



Adrian said...

Hmmm...that was uglier than I'd hoped. I'll clean that up next week at #245..


Coach K said...

Nice job Adrian. But, next time, more of everything.

JStarr said...

Cool video Kevin!

saggydan said...

CRAZY!!! Nice job Boz! Kevin, You're nuts.

Going for 250 tomorrow.
Be Alive. Be Very Alive.


will said...

knees look to be caving in there but ultra strong boz.