Friday, August 01, 2008

Act Now!

As promised a few days ago, we have been in Contact with Greg Everett of Catalyst athletics regarding the upcoming olympic lifting seminar in Chico. Greg has reserved 10 spots for SFCFers at a discounted rate of $400. If you are interested in attending (details a few posts down), please email adrian AT for details.

Have a great weekend,


Starrett so close to the ever elusive 300lb clean:


Nick said...


Dutch said...

Serious!!! You gave that up.
Kstar you had it bro. Next time no doubt.

Greg Everett said...

Kelly. Really. You should be cleaning 350. Quit shooting your ass up to the sky (it's not just a long deadlift - it's a clean!). See how your hips shoot up, the bar swings forward, and your weight shifts to the balls of your feet right away? Then you have to chase after the bar, which is why you jump forward in the 2nd pull, and why you bang the bar forward off your hips because they're chasing the bar instead of you pulling it back to you, which throws your weight even farther forward, which is why you collapse under the weight, which is why you struggle to recover, which is why you miss. Pull like a weightlifter when you're weightlifting. You have more than enough strength. I know that whole "technique" thing is kind of fruity, but it does actually exist for a reason!

J.D. said...

...what greg said. and you pussy, stand up... it was racked already!!!!!