Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Aldous Huxley Had It Right..

When he said:

"Speed provides the one genuinely modern pleasure.”

It's too bad then, that typical modern gym fare has all but eliminated speed based training.

Good thing we like to train with the quick lifts eh?

Check out the PM kids getting their quick on.

Coach Kstar

And on a very sad note, SFCF is most bummed to loose one of favorite sons to some Judging clerkship in Guam. Ross Naughton, we'll miss your sword brother!


Corrine said...

Best of luck Ross! I hope you keep blogging for time on the SFCF website. :)

Aneel said...

Yet another picture in which Lucas could be arrested for looking awesome in.

Anonymous said...

Who's the badass in the corner?...looks like she's saying, "I don't have time for group photos, i need to work on my pull-ups!"

:) Kitty

Kimberly said...

I am in St. Charles Missouri and love your site. I really appreciate the Weightlifting and Chicken Neck posts.
I wish I knew all your kids so I too could be sad at Ross' leaving!
Thanks for a great site

FilthyBrit said...


I'm sure you'll continue to crush it in Guam. Drinks are on me when you get back!



Anonymous said...


Forever and ever remember this when you think of your crossfit brethren, and sistren (Im sure that is not a word). This is our creedo:

Lo, there do I see my father (kstar)
Lo, there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers (david, Lucas)
Lo, there do I see the line of my crossfitters back to the beginning
Lo, they do call to me
They bid me take my place among them in the Halls of Valhalla
Where the brave may train.


Nick said...

Ross - remember the humping unicorns!!! In your honor forever!!!


Ross Naughton said...

Aw, thanks Kstar and gang! I'll miss everyone. But again, SF is home, and I'll be back a few times during the year. Also, visitors are most welcome! I should have a roomy pad and Guam is only a 7.5 hour flight from Hawaii. Pushover. Got in last night. I think this place rips, but I can't be certain, b/c of sleep deprivation and the perplexing 17-hour time difference. (Is today a . . . what day is it?) I might be face down in a ditch somewhere.

Rest assured that I'll continue to blog for time, and that regular recitation of Lucas's prayer (to "Immigrant Song," ideally) will speed us toward Ragnarök. Hail!!

Adrian said...


Being so close to the ocean, watch out for Jörmungandr...

I think that Lucas has just written the opening track on the Poseidon's Fist debut album.

Glad you made the trek safe and sound. That must be exhausting.


thurston howell iii said...

Aldous Huxley also had it right when he thought up soma.


Anonymous said...

Question for SF Crossfit staff. I went to a few morning sessions as visitor and found the class to be HUGE, any plans on having maybe a 7-8am class?


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