Thursday, August 21, 2008

Same Same. But different.

At Crossfit, we are only limited in programming by our capacities for creativity. There is always a way to twist, tweak, modify, or change a minor aspect of an exercise or workout to elicit new adaptation. Just ask the crew which is worse.
Rowing downhill and having to pull yourself up to the catch? Or rowing uphill?
Because hey, a thousand meters doesn't suck enough.
But don't worry, we can always make is suckier. (in case you were worried)

On another note. C-Rin and Gravelly-nice were largely unaffected. See below

Mission: Post best muscle pick up line to comments?

example: "Dude, where's the tape? Cuz I'm all ripped..."

coach kstar


Anonymous said...

Nice gun show Catherine! :P

Ross Naughton said...

"Would you prefer this lump of coal as a diamond? Allow me."

Hey, speaking of rowing, is there a "Huzzah Erin Cafaro" bash in the works? Gold medals don't celebrate themselves.

Aaron said...

Good call Ross. In case anyone hasn't seen it yet, check this out:
Video of US Women's 8 Rowing

If you haven't been to the website yet, you might have to install a plug-in to watch.

Anonymous said...

I think I need to go to the veterinarian, cause these are some sick puppies.


Nick said...

I am honored to say that I have trained with an Olympian. Thanks for posting that dial. It was awesome to watch.

Congrats to Erin (and JD)!!! So awesome!!!

Tamra said...

Look who's on the rowers...Dial and I were rowing head to head....guess who got the faster time...I know it's bad form to gloat, but I KICKED DIAL's BUTT! haha :) Good Job, Dial! You may want to consider a couple P.T.'s with AOD...he'll help you speed up that row time! - PS - I owe you a beer for this blog! We missed you last night at our "Fitters of the Night" escapade. It was a perfect night!

Mike Molloy said...

Don't know you guys personally, but love the blog for training info (no affiliates in middle of no-where, NH).

"Somebody call a veterinarian, cause these pythons are sick!"

sean M said...

You better call a plumber, cause these pipes are about to burst!

Angel said...

CF1 - "did you bring the tickets?"
CF2 - "to what?"
CF1 - "the gun show!!" (said while flexing madly)


Josh said...

You have a bandage? Cause your CUT!

J.D. said...

thanks for the love to erin! so awesome and so proud of her. she'll be around next week.