Friday, August 15, 2008

The Heavy on Heavy

Lifting big, heavy things is an important skill to develop. Taking the time to set-up well can make the difference between a successful lift and a never-gonna-budge-stuck-to-the-floor lift. This preparation is physical (stay tight with a good position!) and mental (I think I can)...there is a certain level of self-trust that can only be discovered by experiencing such uncomfortable loading.

Post your 'Mental-Setup' to comments.

Have a killer weekend,

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Matt said...

I'm not sure if it falls into the category of mental setup, but visualization is a routine I've been taught by elite athletes.

Some athletes will get comfortable, close their eyes and imagine themselves completing their event. They do this a lot as they taper for their event. I've gotten most of this from swimmers, but I use it for everything I do that I want to be successful at. The most compelling use of visualization for me is prior to parachuting, when I practice my emergency procedures in case something goes wrong, but I also use it for races as well as crossfit.

If you imagine yourself running faster, specifically, passing people, and there are people in front of you in a race you will probably start running faster. If, while doing the 21 pullups in Fran, you imagine yourself doing the 15 thrusters unbroken, there is a good chance you might end up doing it unbroken. This focus on what is to come also kinds of turns your body on auto-pilot with regards to what you're doing right now, which can be good if you're hurting.