Wednesday, September 19, 2007

OK to fail.

Part of the potentcy of Crossfit is the fact that our athletes have an unspoken agreement about failing in front of each other. That is, each time an athlete trains within our community, there is the real possiblity that they are going to blow up, want to tap out, snit (abandon the workout), or quit. Or, they are simply going to suck that day. The system works because everyone is training under the same looming possibilities.

This tacit failure policy is both necessary and vital for real progress to be made because it allows that we can take chances with our comfort zone. We can risk our ego and test our capacities within the safety of a group of athletes with the very same things at stake.

Wonder why a Crossfit community is so tight. They risk a part of themselves every day, and in front of people doing the same thing. Publicly and consciously choosing discomfort is an integral part of increased intensity, and increased results. Training as a group is both public risk and public self actualization. Crossfitters are monsters of self efficacy. And it is not by chance.

The Saturday Crew safely on the other side.

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