Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is traditionally celebrated in Commonwealth countries on the 26th of December. Originally it was a day when older possessions were 'boxed up' to make room for the new possessions that had been received over the holiday season. These old possessions were often left out for the less fortunate or donated to charity.

The days before the New Year are a perfect time to take stock and perform a mental 'Boxing Day'. Decide what things you would like to try on in the New Year. Pass your old, well fitting ideas on to someone who might not be privy to them. Often we discard our most valuable possession, experience, without much thought. Pass your successes on and see if someone else may like the fit of your experiences.

Have fun,


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Nicholas said...

Sometimes I wonder if you guys are crossfit instructors or philosophers. Its amazing how wise all three of you are.