Friday, December 28, 2007

"I need to strengthen my....don't say the "C" word."

You know what "C" word I'm talking about. Right? It rhymes with mid-line stabilization. We're talking about trunk strength and stability NOT how strong your kidneys are. In the new year approaching, keep in mind that to the extent that you develop real stability in your spine, your performance will universally improve. You will have a better transmission to go with your big engine IF you work hard to develop your capacity to keep your spine from flexing, shearing, and wobbling when you are under load or are tired, or both.

That athlete in the photo is National Rowing Team Member, and World Champion, Erin Cafaro. There is no doubt that she makes a living by transferring power from an oar blade through her spine to the boat.

I wager she doesn't use the C.O.R.E word.

Don't you either.

Good luck becoming a fence post in the new year.

coach K


William said...

This time around in Kauai, instead of carrying that sand bag through the water she chose to haul me across the channel on her back a dozen times.. Im 220lbs

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