Friday, December 21, 2007

I've Fallen and I Can't Turkish Get Up

Did you know that the number one reason why people end up in nursing homes is that they can no longer transfer independently? That means that people become so weak that they can't stand up out of a chair, go to the bathroom, or god forbid get up off the floor.

Did you know that in Asian cultures, the incidence of hip disease and replacement is almost zero?

Did you know that in Japan the incidence of the elderly falling in nursing homes is almost zero because they: sleep on the floor and, toilet while squatting?

The bottom line is that people end up in skilled nursing care because they become weak! Don't let this happen to your parents. The photo above is one of our regular's family working on the turkish get up while on vacation. Teach your parents well, or their children's hell (you) will not slowly go by. (thanks CSNY)

Aging is often about capacity lost. Lost being the operative word.
So, over Christmas, tell your parents and grandparents how you love them while teaching them to get up off the floor.

Coach "I spent too much time working in long term skilled nursing facilities while getting my DPT" K

Ps. Merry Christmas


Aneel said...

Hey all. I am missing the workouts.
I would appreciate if anyone would post the days workouts in the comments so I can do them on my own.

Adrian said...

I'm missing them too...I can't post what's going on at SFCF, beacause I'm not there either, but here's what Kim and I did yesterday:

10 Pistols (each leg)
10 Handstand Pushups
5 Rounds for time.

Finished with 10 second intervals of I go/you go v-ups for 2 min.

Today we are going to the park and probably doing this:

-Sprint (not sure exact distance)
-10 Burpee BroadJumps (x2pushups/burpee)
-10 Pullups
As many rounds as possible in 15min.

Finish with a 2min (cumulative) handstand...everytime you come down you have to do a 20sec L sit.

I'll let you know what else we get up to...we don't have any equipment so we'll see how creative we can get.

See you all in the new year,