Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kipping Part 1

So a few days ago the 'kipping on the floor' drill was mentioned. Before you get to that step in your kip, you must have a good swing. This step is potentially the most critical in developing a good kip! Now the swing has to be static (as much mass in front of the bar as behind, when looking profile...this creates a net-zero effect and decreases unwanted momentum and travel) in order for it to be useful. Practice this drill on the ground:

Stand and let one leg and one arm swing in front of your head, then sweep back behind. Your feet should only travel a foot or so and try to keep things fluid and relaxed. It is not a high kick drill! Notice how the chest naturally opens when you kick back and naturally closes when you kick forward. Practice this on both sides. When it's comfortable, do it with your right arm and left leg and vice-versa. Hop back on the bar and try to mimic the same feel. When you can swing back and forth several times and stop with little or no built up momentum, you've developed a decent swing! This is not only a great drill for the kipping pullup, but a decent warm up for the shoulder girdle as well (take it easy your first few swings). Try it!

See you at practice,

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